Wherever safety light is essential

Luminaires with high impact and ingress protection, to IK10 and IP65 standards.

Terminal areas, railway stations, bus stops, shelters, parking garages, public spaces, underpasses, bridges, laboratories, cold storage houses, sport complexes, correctional facilities.

Protection against vandalism and fire

Survivor 509 Plus

With prismatic polycarbonate shielding, IK10 for improved impact resistance.

Protection against vandalism and fire

Survivor 510 Plus

Reduces fire load using IK08 opal safety glass.

IP65 – protection against water and dust ingress

A robust and durable silicon gasket avoids the ingress of water and dust. The semi-permeable breathing membrane prevents water condensation caused by temperature variation.

Mounting options

  • wall mounting  horizontal/vertical
  • ceiling mounting  
  • pendant mounting
  • corner mounting between wall and ceiling
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Versatile design using modular construction parts

consisting of:

  • luminaires
  • empty profiles
  • mitred angles horizontal/vertical
  • media trunking profiles

Luminaires as a base for continuous configurations

  • four lengths: 690, 950, 1,300 and
    1,600 mm
  • for LED, T16 and T26

Empty profiles for multiple purposes

  • for the integration of loudspeaker units, CCTV, fire detectors, junction boxes etc
  • for the connection of individual luminaries to form continuous system lines
  • as a cover for media trunking cable ducts

Mitred angles that follow your architecture

Custom-made mitred angles allow for continuous light guidance in all horizontal and vertical planes within the application space.

Media trunking system for additional cables.

The media trunking system provides sufficient space to accept cables for power and additional purposes to the necessary mains supply. Cables and ducts can be concealed in all planes within the building.

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Ease of mounting and maintenance: Plug & Light

  • comfortable installation or replacement of the gear tray without tools
  • plug connectors for significant timesaving mounting

Ease of mounting and maintenance

  • tilting hinge with safe push and click locking mechanism that allows for an easy removal of the diffuser

Technical information

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Selux quality

  • premium-quality body divided into two aluminum shells
  • end caps of high-pressure die-cast aluminium
  • extremly durable shieldings

service and warranty

Every luminaire that leaves our company is examined with regard to light colour, luminous flux and power. The data is stored to enable light components to be supplied at a later date that have the same technical parameters as the initial equipment.

  • 5 year warranty on project registration at

Richlands Station

Brisbane, Australia


Metro station HBF

Berlin, Germany


Metro station Branden-burger Tor

Berlin, Germany


Docklands Light Railway

London, Great Britain


Underpass St.Mary's

 Warwick, Australia


Liljeholmen U-Bahn

 Stockholm, Sweden