light moves

Innovative from the beginning

"Semper lux" - always light. When Hermann Bansbach founded his company in Berlin after the city was devastated and deprived of electricity and light. Mr. Bansbach made the life of Berliners easier with his simple, affordable battery charger, thereby illuminating a dark period in history. He firmly believed in the social and cultural significance of light, something which went far beyond the merely commercial. It is an attitude we have retained to the present day. In this way we changed our name from Semperlux to Selux.

The advantages of a family company.
The benefits of a global group.

At home throughout the world

Think global, act local.

  • Headquarter in Berlin
  • Production sites in Germany, France, USA
  • Distribution companies in Australia, Benelux, UK, Italy, Austria, Sweden
  • Various agencies throughout the world

Good light is our business; our mission to society.

To achieve this goal we collaborate
with lighting planners and architects
throughout the world. As a partner with a deep understanding of architecture and design we support our customers in developing convincing lighting solutions with our products, our experience and our consulting expertise. For good lighting is quality of life and this is what moves us.

Areas of application

  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Transport 
  • Intelligent Solutions 

Selux Individual

Customised, project-specific solutions from the concept stage to implementation

So that every vision becomes reality.

Whether in the optics, housing, mounting technology or other specific lighting needs, Selux offers design freedom. Our modular lighting systems offer unique qualities with high visual comfort.

The shape is subservient to the function - and to our quality requirements.

The superiority of Selux optics is based on complex light calculations, many years of experience and a comprehensive knowledge of materials and light sources.

Quality is the conviction that will be experienced in the product.

Quality lies in the detail. To be more specific, in our high-quality materials, in processing capability, in lean production and the application understanding. Together these aspects result in quality and turn good products into exceptional products.

We manufacture luminaires, but we provide quality of life.

Latest exterior product innovations

  • Lif
  • Trigo
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Latest interior product innovations

  • Loop
  • Pallas
  • M60 Connect
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Museum for architectural drawing
berlin, germany

  • client: Tchoban Foundation, Berlin
  • architect: Sergei Tchoban, Sergey Kuznetsov, SPEECH Tchoban & Kuznetsov, Moscow
  • lighting design: Kardorff Ingenieure, Berlin
  • photo: Linus Lintner
  • product: M80 custom solution

Swedbank stockholm, sweden


  • client: Swedbank, Stockholm
  • architect: 3XN
  • lighting design: Black Ljusdesign - Niklas Ödmann, Fredik Amnäs
  • photo: Adam Mørk
  • product: M100 recessed

University library freiburg, germany


  • client: City of Freiburg
  • architect: Degelo Architekten Basel
  • lighting design: Lunalicht
  • photo: Oliver Kern
  • product: Purelight 90 pendant

media library art acadamy, Halle germany


  • client: Burg Giebichenstein Art Acadamy Halle
  • architect: F29 architects Dresden,
    ZILA Leipzig
  • photo: Werner Huthmacher
  • product: M100

Porsche Museum
Zuffenhausen, germany


  • client: Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG
  • architect: Delugan Meissl
  • lighting design: Delux
  • electrical installion: Heldele GmbH
  • photo: Brigida Gonzales
  • product: custom recessed product

Stuttgart, germany


  • client: Daimler AG
  • architect: UN Studio
  • lighting design: Ulrike Brandi Licht
  • electical installion: Speidel GmbH
  • photo: Roland Halbe
  • product: individual recessed product

Dresden, germany


  • client: R+S Solutions GmbH
  • architect/lighting design: Architect in Project - ASP Schweger Assoziierte Gesamtplanung GmbH
  • electrical installation: S+P Steinigeweg Planungsgesellschaft GmbH & Co. KG
  • photo: Jörg Schöner
  • product: Neo

BMW ehrl Berlin, germany


  • client: BMW Ehrl
  • photo: Claus Boeckh
  • product: Kju Square 4-fold pendant

Pdt architects brisbane, australia


  • architect: PDT Architects
  • lighting design: Interior Engineering
  • photo: DMW Photography
  • product: M60 custom solution

Actelion san francisco, usa


  • client: Actelion
  • photo: Eric Laignel
  • product: Neo System

50 cannon street london, Great britain


  • client: CBRE Building Consultancy, London
  • lighting design: Despina for CBRE
  • photo: Philip Durrant
  • product: M100 recessed

Marriott pavilion
new york, USA


  • client: Culinary Institute of America
  • photo: James Brigagliano
  • product: M36 Wallwasher

Oliver's yard london, great britain


  • client: Oliver's Yard
  • architect: ORMS
  • lighting design: Pritchard Themis Ltd.
  • photo: James Newton
  • product: M36 wallwasher

Porsche centre oakville, canada


  • client: Policaro Automotive Family
  • architect: R H Architects
  • electrical engineering: HammerSchlag + Joffe Inc.
  • photo: ScarFone Photography
  • product: M125x90

children's hospital alder hey liverpool, great britain


  • client: Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Trust
  • architect: BDP Manchester
  • photo: David Barbour
  • product: Olivio Sistema

Barangaroo sydney, australia


  • client: City of Sidney
  • builder: Barangaroo Delivery Authority and Lend Lease
  • landscape architect: PWP Landscape Architecture
  • lighting design: Webb Australia Group
  • photo: DMW Creative, Dave Wicks
  • product: Lanova LED

Place de la République paris, france


  • client: City of Paris
  • architect: Trévelo & Viger-Kohler (TVK)
  • lighting design: Yann Kersalé - AIK; Martha Schwartz Partners et Areal
  • electrical installation: ATEC Ingénierie
  • photo: Xavier Boymond
  • product: Olivio Sistema

expo 2016 antalya, turkey

  • architect: ARTI Mimarlık; Mehment Şenol und Team
  • lighting design: Niyazi Avcı
  • photo: Emre Şahin
  • phroduct: Olivio Sistema and Candelabra, Astro 1

old harbour of marseille, france


  • client: MPM Marseille Provence Métropole
  • architect: Foster and Partners / Tangram architects
  • landscape architecture: Michel Desvigne
  • lighting design: Yann Kersalé – AIK
  • electrical engineering: Ingérop Conseil et Ingénierie
  • electrical installation: Citeos / Cegelec
  • photo: Xavier Boymond
  • product: Olivio Floracion, Sistema, Candelabra

station forecourt brandenburg germany


  • client: City of Brandenburg
  • architect: Hahn von Hantelmann
  • lighting design: Schlotfeldt Licht; Torsten Rullmann
  • photo: Claus Boeck
  • product: Exelia

yeoju premium outlet seoul, south korea


  • client: Shinsegae Simon INC.
  • architect: Duga CNC Architects & Associates
  • lighting design: Bitzro & Partners
  • electrical engineering: Samjin Elex
  • photo: Lee Hunik
  • product: Saturn 5

schloss-strasse berlin-steglitz, germany


  • client: Bezirksamt Steglitz-Zehlendorf
  • photo: Claus Boeckh
  • product: Trocadero 760/600

World trade Center memorial new York, USA


  • architect: Handel Architects; Davis Brody Bond Architects
  • landscape architect: Peter Walker & Partners
  • lighting design: Fisher Marantz Stone
  • photo: Ines Long, Archphoto
  • product: MTR light stack

station forecourt Binz, germany


  • client: City of Binz, Rügen island
  • photo: Alexander Rudolph
  • product: Avanza 600/450

east harbour bridge Frankfurt am main, germany


  • client: City of Frankfurt am Main
  • buyer: Max Bögl Bauservice GmbH & Co.KG
  • architect: Ferdinand Heide
  • lighting design/electrical engineering: SRM Straßenbeleuchtung Rhein-Main GmbH
  • electrical installation: SAG GmbH
  • photo: Tom Wolf Photografie
  • product: Initio

Mant de marsan, france


  • client: City of Mant de Marsan
  • photo: Philippe Labeguerie
  • product: Sombreo

heathrow airport terminal 2 london, great britain


  • client: Heathrow Airport Limited
  • architect: Luis Vidal + Architects
  • lighting design: Studio Fractal
  • photo: James Newton
  • product: M125 × 90

blackfriars station london, great britain


  • client: Network Rail
  • builder: Balfour Beatty Construction Services UK
  • architect: Jacobs Architecture
  • lighting design: Pinniger and Partners
  • photo: James Newton
  • product: M200 × 70

main station Antwerp, belgium


  • client: Eurostation N.V.
  • photo: Alain Franzolini
  • product: Olivio Sistema

Richlands Station
Brisbane, australia


  • architect: The Horizon Alliance
  • lighting design: GHD Engineers
  • electrical engineering: Nilsen Electrical QLD
  • photo: DMW Creative
  • product: Survivor

Gatwick station at Airport
London, great britain


  • client: Gatwick Airport
  • architect: Capita
  • lighting design: Pinniger and Partners
  • general contractor: VVB Engineering
  • photo: split image ltd 
  • product: M125 Anbauleuchten

Joe Murray Rivers, Jr. Intermodal Transit Center savannah, usa

  • architect: Cogdell & Medrala Architects
  • lighting design: Wedel Duscherner Architects & Engineers
  • photo: © Atlantic Archives, Inc.
  • product: M125 × 90

Königstadt Carrée
Berlin, germany

  • client: bauart Beteiligungs-GmbH & Co
  • architect: STP Architekten
  • electric installalion: Lischke & Co GmbH
  • photo: Piotr Krajewski
  • product: M36 LED Medialine RGBW, Netcomposer

tidal pumping station cologne, germany


  • client: Stadtentwässerungsbetriebe Köln
  • architect: Kaspar Kraemer Architekten BDA
  • lighting design: Kaspar Kraemer Architekten / MBS / Selux AG / Vossloh-Schwabe Deutschland GmbH
  • electric engineering: MBS Elektro-Planung GmbH
  • electric installation: Emil Koch KG
  • photo: Markus Bollen
  • product: RGB LED with DALI control

Marriott Hotel
Berlin, germany


  • client: Intertec on behalf of Beisheim AG
  • architect: Prof. Bernd Albers
  • lighting design: Licht Kunst Licht
  • photos: Werner Huthmacher
  • product: custom solution with recessed LED luminaires