in Form and function.

Two sizes

Jessica 600 / Jessica 800

Jessica range

Jessica streetlights lend themselves perfectly to any streetscape. As an upsweep pole luminaire or lateral mounted fitting.

Jessica 800
Interlocking design

A special pole adapter within the luminaire ensures that the topside is continued ideal to the curve of the upsweep pole whereby the light-emitting surface is optimally aligned to the direction of the road.

Jessica 800

The dynamic prism optics create a particularly homogenous light exit surface in conjunction with the surface reflector.

Jessica 800
Adjusted light output

Depending on the road geometry or height of the whip mast, Jessica 800 can be equipped with one or two LED boards.

Jessica 600
Pole top luminaire

  • high-pressure die-cast aluminium
  • pole spigot Ø 76mm
  • length 210mm

Jessica 600
LED mirror optics

  • high visual comfort by expanding the luminous spots
  • high efficiency on horizontal working plane
  • asymmetrical street light distribution 

Save energy costs with professional control

Jessica LED luminaires can be switched and dimmed across several interfaces (DALI, 1-10V). Through the use of intelligent control, the light is individually adjusted as required.

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Two light colours




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Tool free easy single handed access: the luminaire can be opened without use of any tools via an elbow lever lock. 

Selux quality

State of the art and long life materials

Service and warranty

Every luminaire that leaves our company is examined with regard to light colour, luminous flux and power. The data is stored to enable light components to be supplied future that have the same technical parameters as the initial equipment.  

  • 5 year warranty on project registration at



  • Jessica 800


Berlin, Germany

  • Jessica 800



  • Jessica 600 with custom pole

Pont de beauvoisin


  • Jessica 600



  • Jessica 800


Angouleme, France
  • Jessica 600