Highly expressive structures, impressive light

One frame fits all

Fluid offers a wide range of possibilities for the placement of locations, objects or areas of architecture within unique light scenes.

Use of structures for accentuation within rooms

Fluid profile elements and variable connectors can be used to configure objects with reduced shapes or complex geometries. Their design and light effect enable them to generate an incomparable atmosphere in all kinds of spaces.

Emphasis of architecture, creating zones

Fluid light objects attract attention in two ways. On the one hand by their presence as distinctive objects placed within the architecture and on the other by their clearly defined light zones.

Unlimited yet systematic creativity 

The Fluid light system comprises extruded profile elements in lengths of 892 / 1,188 and 1,485 mm. It also includes angular connectors made from aluminium die casting in angles from 30°-150° or 210°-330° that can be ordered to the precise degree.

Inspired by architecture and design

The Fluid’s asymmetrical profile cross-section is particularly eye-catching. Like automotive design, edges and acute angles lend the design a particular lightness. All profile surfaces are chamfered, while its physical volume takes a back seat so that the Fluid appears to hover almost weightlessly within the room. The variable corner connectors with a defined radius enable flowing shapes that look neither amorphous or random.

Light that is as functional as it is expressive

Fluid’s secondary reflector and electronic components are integrated into the profile. Light flows broadly and asymmetrically downwards out of the profile’s open side so that it is directed at the highlighted interior room zones. This distributed light concentrates perception and focus on these areas.

Correlated colour temperatures (CCT)

  • 3,000 K
  • 4,000 K

Technical information

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Selux quality

High-quality construction and highly durable, premium quality materials are used for the Fluid.

Service and warranty

Every LED luminaire that leaves our company is examined with regard to light colour, luminous flux and power. The data is stored to enable light components to be supplied at a later date that have the same technical parameters as the initial equipment.

5 year warranty on project registration at selux.com.