ELO Family

The ELO family consists of a bollard, column, and wall mount version. All use the scalable Tritec LED refractor. Options include: Dimming, Hi-Lo Switching, Photocell, House Shield, Motion Sensor, and Domed Top Cap. The ELO family can provide high quality illumination of paths, entrance areas, façades and access roads in close proximity to buildings.

The language of reduction

ELO is six inches in diameter with a minimalist design, making it visually lighter than the usual eight inch bollard. This profile is intended to be clean, light and classic with no visible hardware. Its sleek, daintier shape is perfect for areas that may be overwhelmed by a larger bollard or column such as garden paths around a building, or a pedestrian walkway.

Refined aesthetics
with a high level of visual comfort

The Tritec module combines prism ring lenses with a hexagonal reflector cone for maximum glare control yet with a unique, high-quality appearance that is clearly discernible from afar.

Light distributions

Reserved, yet with a striking look by day or by night, the ELO can provide uniform lighting from comparatively low heights. The balanced, softly emitted light is distributed on all sides or in a forward direction to provide safety and guidance, like an elegant signpost.

Color Temperatures (CCT)


Colored Acrylic Ring

Select a colored acrylic ring to use for way finding or to highlight your corporate or school colors.

Gold Reflector Finish

Create warm, soothing light with a Gold reflector finish. Pair the Gold reflector with 3000K lighting engine for a deep, warm glow.

3 sizes for bollards and light stacks


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Technical information


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