Purity of light and form

Landscape lighting applications close to buildings using a single solution:

Selux is launching a new series of cylindrical luminaires witha highly attractive minimalist design for the illumination of paths, entrance areas, facades and access roads in close proximity to buildings.

The language of reduction

The consistently reduced, cylindrical shape is characterised by clarity of design and a timeless elegance, enabling the Elo to blend harmoniously into the widest variety of backgrounds and architectural settings. 

Visual comfort
with a high level of aesthetics

The Tritec module combines prosm ring lenses with a hexagonal reflector ball for maximum anti-glare yet with a unique, high-quality appearance that is clearly discernible from afar.

Light distributions

Reserved yet with a striking look by day or by night, the Elo can provide uniform lighting from comparatively low heights. The balanced, softly emitted light is distributed either on all sides or in forward direction to provide safety and guidance, like an elegant signpost.

Correlated colour temperatures (CCT)

  • 2700K
  • 3000K
  • 4000K

3 sizes for bollards and light stacks

  • bollard: 800/ 1,000 and 1,200 mm
  • light stacks: 2,000/ 3,000 and 4,000 mm

Comprehensive harmony

Due to a cross-portfolio design language, the Elo complements virtually any Selux luminaire harmoniously and effectively. Design similarities mean it can be combined particularly effectively with the Lif and Aira pole-tope luminaires.

Technical information


Show overview

Save energy costs with professional control

Elo luminaires can be switched and dimmed using the DALI interface. Through the use of intelligent control, light is individually adjusted as required.

Selux quality

As well as high-quality construction, Selux only ever uses highly durable, premium quality materials.

Service and warranty

Every LED luminaire that leaves our company is examined with regard to light colour, luminous flux and power. The data is stored to enable light components to be supplied at a later date that have the same technical parameters as the initial equipment.

5 year warranty on project registration at selux.com.