Innovative from the beginning

"Semper lux" - always light. When Hermann Bansbach founded his Company in Berlin after the war, the City was devastated and deprived of electricity and light. Mr. Bansbach made the life of Berliners easier with his simple, affordable battery charger, thereby illuminating a dark period in history. He firmly believed in the social and cultural significance of light, something which went far beyond the merely commercial. It is an attitude we have retained to the present day. In this way we changed our name from Semperlux to Selux.

The advantages of a family company.
The benefits of a global group.


At home throughout the world

 Think global, act local.

Production sites in US, France, Germany

  • Distribution companies in Australia, Benelux, England, Italy, Austria, Sweden

Various agencies in the world

Our idea: Creative art needs revolution - revolution requires values.

Expertise, reliability and close collaboration within a collective are key to attaining superior performance.

Picture: Nils Kruger

Areas of application

  • Interior
  • Exterior 
  • Harsh Environment (Interior and Exterior)

Selux Individual

Project-specific solutions from concept stage to implementation

The shape is subservient to the function - and to our quality requirements.

 The superiority of Selux optics is based on complex light calculations, many years of experience and a comprehensive knowledge of materials and light sources.

Quality is conviction that will be experienced in the product.

Quality lies in the detail, to be more specific, in our high-quality materials, in processing capability, in or low-resource production and the application understanding. Together these aspects result in quality and turn good products into exceptional products.

Ahead with extraordinary ideas.

Our goal is to develop products that are extraordinary. Products that originate in practice but have a different approach and are credible and convincing. With digitally controlled light systems for efficient light management, daylight sensors, multimedia playback walls or colored lighting concepts designed to create a unique lighting ambience.   

We manufacture luminaires. But we provide quality of life. 

A combination of grounded knowledge, proven ability and first-class light tools enable us to achieve the extraordinary. This is the end to which we pool our knowledge, adding enjoyment, ambition and a desire to be groundbreaking.

Latest Interior Product Innovations

Kju Square- This new luminaire combines crisp light with a subtle presence and graphical precision. Its numerous mounting versions and two optical systems enable its light modules to cater to a broad range of requirements, providing an integrated lighting concept for all types of projects.

Cerro - A compliment to the M-Series product line, this product offers a purist design with impressive performance. With a profile height less than 3 inches this luminaire is perfect when space above ceiling is limited. Cerro LED shares the same LEDs, CCT options and BIN quality as M-Series products for matching installations in adjoining spaces.

Latest Exterior Product Innovations

 Astro - The LED exterior luminaire family provides a variety of configuration options. Two pole top connections - single arm and double arm. The LED technology and numerous control options ensure low energy consumption and high energy efficiency.

Redgate, boston, ma, USA


  • Client: Redgate
  • Architect: Dyer Brown & Associates, Inc.
  • General Contractor: Garland Building Company
  • Electrical Engineering: Commercial Construction Consulting, Inc.
  • Photographer: Greg Premru Photography
  • Product: M60 LED

Centre Oakville, ontario, canada


  • Client: Policaro Automotive Family
  • Architect: R.H Carter Architects, Inc.
  • Electrical Engineering: HammerSchlag + Joffe Inc.
  • Photographer: ScarFone Photography
  • Product: M125

World trade Center memorial, new York City, usa


  • Architect: Handel Architects; Davis Brody Bond Architects
  • Lighting Designer: Fisher Marantz Stone
  • Photographer: Jonathan Intravaia
  • Landscape Architect: Peter Walker & Partners
  • Product: MTR Light Column

River´s edge Park, council bluffs, Iowa, USA


  • Architect: Sasaki Associates
  • General Contractor: MFT Construction
  • Lighting Designer: Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design; Visual Terrain, Inc.
  • Product: Olivio Sistema

North campus village, ashland, oregon, USA


  • Client: Southern Oregon University
  • Architect: Sera Architects, Inc.
  • Landscape Architect: CoveyPardee Landscape Architects
  • Product: Exelia Column