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In a beau­ti­ful place

»A human being is a part of the whole, called by us ›Uni­verse‹, a part limi­ted in time and space. He expe­rien­ces him­self, his thoughts and fee­lings as some­thing sepa­ra­ted from the rest — a kind of opti­cal delu­sion of his con­sciou­sness. This delu­sion is a kind of prison for us, restric­ting us to our per­so­nal desi­res and to affec­tion for a few per­sons nea­rest to us. Our task must be to free our­sel­ves from this prison by wide­ning our circle of com­pas­sion to embrace all living crea­tu­res and the whole of nature in its beauty.«

Albert Ein­stein


We wish you all the best for the new year. This year, we look for­ward to inspi­ring you with exci­ting new inno­va­tions which will make our urban spaces even more sustai­na­ble and help us create beau­ti­ful places toge­ther. Our new pro­duct deve­lo­p­ments trans­cend boun­da­ries and bring a new natu­ral­ness to out­door land­sca­pes. We are very plea­sed to pre­sent these from week four. We are already very exci­ted.

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