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The Tritec Optic is also avai­la­ble as a repla­ce­ment module for exi­sting lumi­nai­res. The com­bi­ned prism and reflec­tor optics system pro­vi­des inten­sive highlights, a high qua­lity look and con­cise visual aesthe­tics. Depen­ding on lighting requi­re­ments, the Tritec Optic may con­sist of one or two modu­les stac­ked on top of one ano­ther and can be instal­led quic­kly and simply in exi­sting lighting systems. As a result, exi­sting lighting systems can be equip­ped with the latest LED tech­no­logy in no time at all.

  • Tritec Replacement Modules

Tritec Replacement Modules

Tritec Replacement Modules

Costruzione presso fusione di alluminio · piastra LED solida Ottice sistema ottico a riflettore e prisma combinati Lampada LED 2700K, 3000K o 4000K Distribuzione luminosa simmetrica · asimmetrica Opzioni controlli LED

tritec optic led light by selux
tritec optic led light by selux
tritec optic led light by selux
Motion-controlled Light
Control of individual light spots
Light management system
Adaptive lighting
Collection of environmental data
Public wi-fi hotspots
Modules for public safety
Public information systems
Traffic- and parking space management
Charging of electrical cars
Charge + Light - Lademodul für Maste
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