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Deutsches Technikmuseum, Berlin
Berlin, Germany

  • progetto Deutsches Technikmuseum
  • architeto Möhring Architekten, Berlin
  • lighting designer Karsten Krause, lightview
  • fotografo Werner Huthmacher, Berlin

Lif at the Science Centre Spec­trum at the Deu­tsche Tech­nik­mu­seum The Science Centre Spec­trum at the Deu­tsches Tech­nik­mu­seum brings the world of natu­ral scien­ces and tech­no­logy closer to young and old in play­ful fashion. The reo­pe­ned hands-on exhi­bi­tion is loca­ted in the former mana­ge­ment buil­ding of Anhal­ter Bah­n­hof sta­tion in Moc­kern­strase in Berlin. As part of the reno­va­tion, the entrance area of the Science Centre has been rede­si­gned.

The goal was to design a spa­cious new entrance for museum visi­tors and the nearby Glei­sdreieck-Park. But how could a repre­sen­ta­tive spa­tial situa­tion be crea­ted using light? The archi­tects Moh­ring Archi­tek­ten opted for a lighting solu­tion using Lif. The redu­ced cylin­der shape of the light column upgra­des the museum‘s entrance area, which is inte­gra­ted into the sur­roun­ding urban area by means of its ele­gant glow. Eleven Lif light columns in total – two of which are spon­so­red by Selux – light up the cob­bled y-shaped fore­court. Light from the facade ele­ment is beamed onto the front of the museum at the same time. The inno­va­tive Lif system is part of the LED cat­walk at the Deu­tsches Tech­nik­mu­seum: Along a route of 1500 metres, various lighting con­cepts, traf­fic situa­tions and colour tem­pe­ra­tu­res are pre­sen­ted by more than 70 lumi­nai­res. The LED cat­walk the­reby demon­stra­tes the options of con­tem­po­rary inno­va­tive street light to any inte­re­sted par­ties. The Lif light columns are already pre­pa­red for this. The open moun­ting ele­ments will enable inte­gra­tion of future sen­sors for air mea­su­re­ments or par­king space mana­ge­ment and the­re­fore render the lighting system sui­ta­ble for various smart city appli­ca­tions.

  • Lively, vibrant and ever changing – our enthusiasm for cities knows no bounds whether for the diversity of their public spaces, the splendid facades with elegant shopping streets, unique monuments or inviting parks. However it is especially in the evenings that we experience the real magic of the big city – when the light of the Lif gives the fullest expression to urban life. Reserved in shape, the Lif integrates discretely into all urban settings, innovatively reinterpreting the reduced cylinder form as a basic architectural shape. By day, rather than distracting onlookers, the Lif blends into the background yet by night it displays its full effect – with the Lif, it is the light that is aligned, not the luminaire. Its modularity enables it to create visual settings for the surrounding area, adapting itself, like no other luminaire before it, flexibly and effortlessly to a diversity of urban lighting tasks. Highly versatile in terms of application, the Lif enables passers-by to experience the human geography of the city in a highly inspiring way.
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