sabato 17 marzo 2018

Via: Pure light – across the whole line

Linear LED lumi­nai­res merged with a track – with Via, Selux is laun­ching a new type of lumi­naire that makes the popu­lar 3-phase track and tried-and-tested lighting infra­struc­ture even more ver­sa­tile than ever. The Via offers the aesthe­tics of vir­tually bodi­less, unin­ter­rup­ted light lines while at the same time pro­vi­ding a high level of func­tio­na­lity with six dif­fe­rent light distri­bu­tions.

With the Via family of lumi­nai­res, Selux has deve­lo­ped a design that will serve to inspire light plan­ners and desi­gners. A track acting as the infra­struc­ture is merged with a 36 mm-wide linear lumi­naire body – or rather light body to be pre­cise since, with the Via, the lumi­naire dif­fu­ser is made enti­rely of trans­lu­cent PMMA pla­stic with a rec­tan­gu­lar or semi-cir­cu­lar cross-sec­tion. The con­nec­ting ele­ments, also trans­lu­cent and barely visi­ble, enable linear light fix­tu­res to be formed from lumi­naire modu­les of vary­ing leng­ths without visi­ble inter­rup­tions. As a ver­sa­tile and func­tio­nal design ele­ment, it can be used in various appli­ca­tion areas such as offi­ces, shops, gal­le­ries and even museums thanks to its six effec­tive light distri­bu­tions.

The Via com­bi­nes an enti­cin­gly simple, under­ly­ing idea with Selux linear LED lighting tech­no­logy com­pe­tence and con­trol elec­tro­nics in a mini­mal size. The system com­pri­ses an extre­mely slim­line adap­ter sub­mer­ged enti­rely into the track with a flush ter­mi­na­tion which, with the inte­gra­ted con­trol device, ena­bles system powers of up to 33 W. The actual Via lumi­naire modu­les can be locked on the adap­ter without any tools – Click & Light – lea­ding to a wide range of crea­tive appli­ca­tion areas for plan­ners, both for newly plan­ned and exi­sting track instal­la­tions, com­bi­ned with sur­face-moun­ted, flush-moun­ted or pen­dant stan­dard or ove­rhead tracks.

There are two shapes to choose from, the Via Semi­cir­cle or the Via Rec­tan­gle. Whe­reas the Via Semi­cir­cle has an opal dif­fu­ser with scat­te­red direc­tio­nal cha­rac­te­ri­stics, a prac­ti­cal range of dif­fe­rent optics is avai­la­ble with the Via Rec­tan­gle, from an opal dif­fu­ser, micro­prism or mono­cave optics ensu­ring normed UGR 19 for office work­spa­ces, to pre­ci­sion LMO light-modu­la­tion optics with sym­me­tri­cal, asym­me­tri­cal or wall­wa­sher cha­rac­te­ri­stics.

Due to the avai­la­bi­lity of these pre­mium-qua­lity optics, the Via is a system that plan­ners can use both to attain the archi­tec­tu­ral effect of an unin­ter­rup­ted, vir­tually body­less light line as well as making it an effec­tive tool for aesthe­tic and func­tio­nal lighting – and in the mini­mum of instal­la­tion time too. With wall­wa­sher optics, for exam­ple, the Via forms a solu­tion for the lighting of ver­ti­cal sur­fa­ces and attains an extre­mely high level of uni­for­mity where distan­ces bet­ween wall and lumi­naire are mini­mal. For the lighting of exhi­bi­tions in gal­le­ries or museums, asym­me­tri­cal LMO pro­vi­des plea­san­tly gentle, tape­red empha­sis of the wall area at eye level where exhi­bits are gene­rally loca­ted. In a shared office space howe­ver, extre­mely fle­xi­ble, ele­gant but at the same time ergo­no­mic work­sta­tion lighting can be attai­ned with tracks plus the Via with Mono­cave optics.

Behind the Via’s pre­mium qua­lity PMMA light dif­fu­ser is a lumi­naire body made of tor­sion-free alu­mi­nium pro­file. It is avai­la­ble in the light colours 3000 K and 4000 K – each in CRI90 high colour ren­de­ring qua­lity, with modu­les in four leng­ths 900 mm, 1200 mm, 1500 mm and 1800 mm. The Via adap­ter module also comes as a DALI ver­sion. With such a wide choice of options, the Via com­pri­ses an inno­va­tive system that sup­ple­ments track-based lighting solu­tions with normed work­space illu­mi­na­tion, asym­me­tri­cal ver­ti­cal and homo­ge­neous gene­ral lighting. Pure light – across the whole line.

March 2018

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