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Sunday 13 March 2016

M60 Connect

M-Con­nect – a new addi­tion to the modu­lar M-family

With its modu­lar struc­ture com­pri­sing bea­ring pro­fi­les and light inserts, the M-Family by Selux ena­bles custo­mi­sed lighting solu­tions – even on the lar­gest scale. Now Selux is adding a new pro­duct line with varia­ble module inserts to its tried-and-tested M-Con­nect series.

The M-Family com­bi­nes maxi­mum fle­xi­bi­lity with mini­ma­list design and is sui­ta­ble for uni­ver­sal use. The wide variety of assem­bly variants, pro­file widths and func­tions ena­bles this light chan­nel system to cater for highly spe­cia­li­sed requi­re­ments with indi­vi­dually opti­mi­sed lighting solu­tions – using single lumi­nai­res or com­plex light struc­tu­res.

One pro­file – uni­ver­sal use
The Selux M-Family has a new addi­tion, the M60 Con­nect, which blends seam­les­sly into the tried-and-tested modu­lar system and offers a range of inno­va­tive func­tions. Avai­la­ble as a pen­dant, sur­face-moun­ted or reces­sed light strip, the M60 Con­nect ena­bles both gene­ral and accent lighting to be inte­gra­ted into the same pro­file – even for use in offi­ces. Its silver-ano­di­sed alu­mi­nium pro­file has a con­struc­tion height of just 56 mm which, toge­ther with the 60 mm wide M60 Con­nect pro­file, forms a vir­tually qua­dra­tic cross sec­tion.

Varia­ble lighting equi­p­ment
A distinc­tion is made bet­ween start, end and centre modu­les for the system, each of which is avai­la­ble in three stan­dard or custo­mi­sed leng­ths. Three types of LED light inserts can be instal­led within its pro­fi­les or alter­na­ti­vely dummy covers, mea­ning that even non-illu­mi­na­ting sec­tions can be inser­ted into the light struc­ture without the ove­rall run design being impai­red.

The LED light inserts offer com­pre­hen­sive design free­dom for light plan­ners. With an opal dif­fu­ser, the modu­les are per­fect for homo­ge­neous gene­ral lighting while bi-para­bo­lic lou­vres with double cam­be­red reflec­tor sec­tions also pro­vide outstan­ding anti-glare qua­li­ties for screen-based work­sta­tions. For accent lighting of room zones or objects, LED gear trays with double or single spots are avai­la­ble that can be turned or pivo­ted by 335 degrees or 45 degrees with dif­fe­rent light distri­bu­tions.

The pen­dant variant also con­nects direct light with sepa­ra­tely swit­cha­ble, dim­ma­ble indi­rect light, which has an unin­ter­rup­ted cast across the entire length of the pro­file. As with the esta­bli­shed M-family, all module gear trays are avai­la­ble in the two light colours, 3,000 K and 4,000 K, and with DALI con­trol.

Top tech­no­logy with online con­fi­gu­ra­tion
As the system is made up of indi­vi­dual modu­les capa­ble of being indi­vi­dually inte­gra­ted, the M60 Con­nect can be adap­ted to a wide variety of spa­tial and lighting tech­no­logy requi­re­ments, which means that this new light system can easily handle the illu­mi­na­tion of tall or wide rooms.

Need­less to say, a con­fi­gu­ra­tor for the M60 Con­nect is also avai­la­ble on the Selux web­site, which pro­vi­des sim­pler, safer and easier budget costing, even in the case of com­plex plan­ning.

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