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Sunday 24 March 2013

M-Modular – sophisticated LED systems with outstanding features for enhancing architectural spaces

Based on the ver­sa­tile M-Series, a modu­lar system for simple and pro­fes­sio­nal plan­ning and imple­men­ta­tion of M-Modu­lar LEDs for all three linear system sizes is now avai­la­ble from Selux. These highly effi­cient lighting solu­tions are equip­ped with simply repla­cea­ble LED gear trays and deli­ve­ra­ble within 15 wor­king days ex works.

Com­po­si­tion of indi­vi­dual lumi­nai­res, lines of light or light struc­tu­res are now child’s play. Intel­li­gent com­bi­na­tion options, a choice of three system widths, four leng­ths and six optics systems plus various colour tem­pe­ra­tu­res and hou­sing colours enable fast and relia­ble plan­ning and orde­ring of pre­cise lighting solu­tions with the M-Modu­lar LED.

Reces­sed, sur­face and pen­dant ver­sions in 36 mm, 60 mm and 100 mm pro­file widths make the M-Modu­lar LED sui­ta­ble for uni­ver­sal use. The fle­xi­ble lighting system has a mini­ma­list design lan­guage and can be inte­gra­ted into the widest variety of spa­tial situa­tions. Whe­reas with the two Selux M-series clas­sics, the M60 and M100, the light pro­fi­les were fur­ther deve­lo­ped for LED use, the M36 has been deve­lo­ped solely on the basis of LED tech­no­logy. Spea­king at the market launch, Klaus-Peter Siems­sen, Pre­si­dent of the Board of Selux AG in Berlin explai­ned that With the M36, the aim was to deve­lop a modu­lar light kit that was con­si­sten­tly ali­gned to the topics of energy effi­ciency, sustai­na­bi­lity and aesthe­tics. LED tech­no­logy ena­bles office work­spa­ces to be illu­mi­na­ted in accor­dance with norms using a pro!le width of just 36 mm – a quan­tum leap that opens up new pos­si­bi­li­ties for LED office lighting design. Light Modu­la­tion Tech­no­logy“, a Selux spe­cial deve­lo­p­ment, has been used to obtain par­ti­cu­larly fresh, pre­cise distri­bu­tion of light”.

Modu­lar setup – inno­va­tive light gui­dance

The basis of the M-Modu­lar LED buil­ding kit is four ready-to-use linear modu­les in leng­ths of 890 mm, 1186 mm, 1482 mm and 2372 and an L module. The LED gear trays can be simply inser­ted into the dura­ble extru­ded alu­mi­nium pro­fi­les and repla­ced as requi­red. There are vir­tually no limits to the design options for archi­tec­tu­ral lighting, whe­ther this be linear lines of light, qua­dra­tic light struc­tu­res or L, U or S-shaped con­fi­gu­ra­tions. From a lighting tech­no­logy per­spec­tive too, the M-Modu­lar LED offers a par­ti­cu­larly broad range of appli­ca­tion options with inno­va­tive optics and high-qua­lity acry­lic and poly­car­bo­nate dif­fu­sers. Intel­li­gent con­nec­tors enable seam­less light most shapes and sizes.

Selux has deve­lo­ped a spe­cial form of light gui­dance for the M36 system known as Light Modu­la­tion Optics (LMO). This optics system made from full pro­fi­les ensu­res a uni­form appea­rance for the light exit area and pre­ci­sion light gui­dance at the same time. With LMO Wall­wa­shers, mini­mal distan­ces can be obtai­ned bet­ween wall and lumi­naire with extre­mely high levels of uni­for­mity – for instance, a light distance of just 0.4 m from the wall is requi­red for wall­wa­shing a 3m high sur­face. Requi­re­ments for appro­priate office lighting are met by the use of a mini­lou­vre that has been spe­cially deve­lo­ped for LEDs. Gene­rally, at up to 80 lm/​W the system is also highly energy-effi­cient.

With six optics systems in total, for sym­me­tri­cal and asym­me­tri­cal bea­ming, the M-Modu­lar LED covers the entire range of appli­ca­tions: gene­ral lighting in public areas, foyers, func­tio­nal rooms and cor­ri­dors; office lighting and homo­ge­nous ver­ti­cal lighting like wall­wa­shing in museums and exhi­bi­tions or lighting of shelf areas in libra­ries, archi­ves or for the retail sector.

Mini­mal power requi­re­ments – maxi­mum effi­ciency

Equip­ped with high-power LEDs in the light colours 3000K/4000K, dim­ma­ble and com­bi­na­ble with intel­li­gent LED con­trols, the M-Modu­lar LED pro­vi­des com­po­nents for maxi­mum-effi­ciency, sustai­na­ble lighting solu­tions. For exam­ple, cor­ri­dor lighting with M60 reces­sed lumi­nai­res using a satin dif­fu­ser is pos­si­ble with a mini­mi­sed power requi­re­ment of just 2.4 W/​m2. An office space with an area of 20 m2, lit in accor­dance with norms using M36 pen­dant lumi­nai­res requi­res just under 6.2 W/​m2. These figu­res speak for them­sel­ves.

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