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Erzbischöfliches Berufskolleg

Moti­va­tio­nal light

At the Arch­dio­ce­san Voca­tio­nal Col­lege in Colo­gne, the M60 light system ensu­res a high stan­dard of visual com­fort for lear­ning and wor­king.

Open and yet closed, inside yet outside, distant yet close – such con­trasts lend this uncon­ven­tio­nal new col­lege buil­ding from the Roman Catho­lic Arch­dio­cese of Colo­gne a tan­gi­ble fre­sh­ness. This ambi­tious con­struc­tion also illu­stra­tes the owner‘s inten­tion of making a bold sta­te­ment about social respon­si­bi­lity and acting sustai­na­bly. The class rooms, trai­ning kit­chens, music rooms and the medi­ta­tion space have been equip­ped with effi­cient M60 LED light strips by Selux, geared pre­ci­sely to the needs of the some 1100 pupils, stu­dents and 90 tea­ching staff.

A state-of-the-art edu­ca­tio­nal centre has been erec­ted in the south of Colo­gne. Con­se­cra­ted during a cere­mony by Car­di­nal Rainer Maria Woelki just in summer 2016, on 22nd Sep­tem­ber 2017, it was already awar­ded The Colo­gne Archi­tec­ture Prize. The buil­ding con­cept was con­cei­ved by archi­tects from the 3pass bureau and com­mands admi­ra­tion – the outer appea­rance of this poly­go­nal con­struc­tion is cal­ming and reser­ved, while the inte­rior opens out to reveal a plea­sant expanse that ena­bles a fresh atmo­sphere for lear­ning and wor­king.

As well as ser­ving as cor­ri­dors remi­ni­scent of gal­le­ries, the four sto­reys with their cur­ving shapes con­nect the pre­sti­gious foyer with the tea­ching rooms. On the ground floor, the atrium also serves as an assem­bly hall and audi­to­rium. The audience gathers on the tiers of the stair ele­gan­tly con­nec­ting the ground level with the first floor. The vaul­ted cei­ling that stradd­les the room floods the orga­ni­cally shaped atrium with day­light.

For the illu­mi­na­tion of the clas­srooms that are con­nec­ted to the facade, an opti­mum light solu­tion has been deve­lo­ped: The esta­blish­ment of a com­for­ta­ble light ambience for stu­dy­ing and wor­king and the empha­sis on the poly­go­nal buil­ding shape has been con­vin­cin­gly com­bi­ned in the use of M60 LED light pro­fi­les with a micro­prism dif­fu­ser. These do not only fulfil the ele­va­ted glare con­trol sti­pu­la­tions but also permit the accom­mo­da­tion of the many dif­fe­rent pro­file angles and legths found in the tea­ching rooms.

Trim­less, reces­sed light lines inser­ted in the cei­ling run through the rooms and even around cor­ners over a total length of 1200 metres. A cir­cum­fe­ren­tial shadow gap as a design ele­ment empha­si­ses the ceiling’s linear course. A par­ti­cu­lar chal­lenge for the Selux engi­neers was to have the many paral­lel and angled light strips of dif­fe­rent leng­ths all ter­mi­nate a spe­ci­fic distance from the wall in each tea­ching room. The light trails follow all poly­go­nal chan­ges in direc­tion while the care­fully detai­led mitres are lit right into the cor­ners,” explains Lighting Plan­ner Ste­pha­nie Grosse-Broc­khoff of the pro­ject. From the exte­rior of the room too, the light lines can be per­cei­ved as a spa­tially stag­ge­red silhouette.”

The fle­xi­bi­lity of the M60 light line‘s design has ena­bled a uni­form look to be crea­ted with the micro­prism dif­fu­ser while avoi­ding any sha­do­wing. Last but not least, the com­bi­na­tion of the neu­tral white light colour 4000 K with the uni­form, gla­re­less lighting helps ensu­res a friendly lear­ning atmo­sphere at this voca­tio­nal trai­ning col­lege that is con­du­cive to moti­va­tion and con­cen­tra­tion.

Pro­ject: New con­struc­tion of Erz­bi­schö­fli­ches Beruf­skol­leg (Arch­dio­ce­san Voca­tio­nal Col­lege), Colo­gne-Sülz
Owner: Vicary Gene­ral, Roman Catho­lic Arch­dio­cese of Colo­gne
Archi­tects: 3pass archi­tects /​urban plan­ners Kusch Mayerle BDA, Colo­gne
Inte­rior archi­tec­ture: Keg­ge­n­hoff | Part­ner, Arn­sberg-Neheim
Light plan­ner: Licht Kunst Licht AG, Bonn / Berlin
Pro­duct: M60 LED
Com­ple­tion: 2016
Pho­to­graph: Con­stan­tin Meyer

Decem­ber 2017

About Selux

The Selux Group is a lea­ding pro­vi­der of sustai­na­ble lighting solu­tions for both inte­rior and exte­rior appli­ca­tions. Acting sustai­na­bly ena­bles Selux to main­tain high stan­dards when it comes to energy effi­ciency, ergo­no­mics and pro­duct design. Foun­ded in Berlin in 1948, Selux is today a global ope­ra­tion employ­ing 565 staff at sites in Europe, North Ame­rica and Austra­lia. Exam­ples of well-known that Selux has been invol­ved in the past include the Park am Glei­sdreieck in Berlin, the Por­sche Museum in Stutt­gart, the Vieux-Port in Mar­seille and the 911 Memo­rial in New York.

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