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Thursday 16 November 2017

Elo – precise light, purist shape

New family of bol­lard lumi­nai­res with the Tritec module

Pre­cise light, a purist design and high effi­ciency – the Elo is a new family of state-of-the-art LED bol­lard lumi­nai­res by Selux.

Selux is intro­du­cing a new cylin­dri­cal bol­lard lumi­naire with a highly attrac­tive mini­ma­list design for illu­mi­na­tion of paths, entrance areas and access roads for buil­dings. With its reser­ved yet stri­king appea­rance by day and night, the Elo pro­vi­des uni­form lighting at com­pa­ra­ti­vely low heights. Like an ele­gant sign­post, its balan­ced, soft light is emit­ted on all sides or in a for­ward direc­tion pro­vi­ding safety and gui­dance. The Tritec module’s com­bi­na­tion of prism ring lens and hexa­go­nally struc­tu­red reflec­ting sphere pro­vi­des maxi­mum anti-glare with a pre­mium qua­lity look and distinc­tive aesthe­tic that is also visi­ble from afar.

With Tritec tech­no­logy already avai­la­ble in the Lif light column or as a stand-alone repla­ce­ment module for exi­sting lumi­nai­res, the Elo now sees Selux also intro­du­cing a new bol­lard lumi­niare with Tritec. Redu­ced con­si­sten­tly to a cylin­dri­cal shape, with its design cla­rity and time­less ele­gance, the Elo bol­lard is a highly impres­sive sight, its redu­ced design ena­bling it to blend har­mo­niou­sly into a wide range of styles and archi­tec­tu­ral con­texts. The new Elo bol­lard has a high level of com­pa­ti­bi­lity with the cylin­dri­cal Lif light column while also blen­ding in super­bly with many other Selux models. This ena­bles lighting solu­tions to be plan­ned with the Elo bol­lard that com­bine the widest variety of lumi­naire types using one har­mo­nious design lan­guage.

The Elo family inclu­des ver­sions with heights of 800 mm, 1000 mm or 1200 mm. The Tritec module with the LED light source and coo­ling ele­ment are sur­roun­ded by a cylin­dri­cal PC moul­ded body and alu­mi­nium die-cast hou­sing. The steel lining tube comes with or without a door and can be instal­led either on a plinth or on a sepa­rate buried base. Depen­ding on the lighting task, Tritec modu­les are avai­la­ble with sym­me­tri­cal 360-degree bea­ming or for­ward light distri­bu­tion. With a con­nec­tion power of 14 W, they supply a lumi­nous flux of 1500 lm or 1200 lm. For light colours, Selux offers 3000 K or 4000 K as stan­dard and the Elo bol­lard can be swit­ched and dimmed using a DALI inter­face. Use of intel­li­gent con­trol systems enable indi­vi­dual and pre­cise light con­trol.

Novem­ber 2017

About Selux

The Selux Group is a lea­ding pro­vi­der of sustai­na­ble lighting solu­tions for both inte­rior and exte­rior appli­ca­tions. Acting sustai­na­bly ena­bles Selux to main­tain high stan­dards when it comes to energy effi­ciency, ergo­no­mics and pro­duct design. Foun­ded in Berlin in 1948, Selux is today a global ope­ra­tion employ­ing 565 staff at sites in Europe, North Ame­rica and Austra­lia. Exam­ples of well-known that Selux has been invol­ved in the past include the Park am Glei­sdreieck in Berlin, the Por­sche Museum in Stutt­gart, the Vieux-Port in Mar­seille and the 911 Memo­rial in New York.

Manu­fac­tu­rer con­tact:
Manuela Sch­na­bel, Head of Mar­ke­ting / Com­mu­ni­ca­tion
Selux AG, Motze­ner Straße 34, 12277 Berlin, Ger­many
T +49 30 72001 – 246, m.​schnabel@​selux.​de, www​.selux​.com

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