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Connected to Life – Selux at Light + Building 2018

Con­nec­ted to Life – smart light for better qua­lity of life

Using light to create a better qua­lity of life is the goal towards which Selux con­ti­nually deve­lops its pro­ducts. At Light + Buil­ding 2018, Selux will be using the theme Con­nec­ted to Life” in pre­sen­ting its new pro­ducts: smart tech­no­logy embed­ded in the day-to-day lives of users and ope­ra­tors.

This phrase embo­dies much of our DNA since, at Selux, there is a strong tra­di­tion of viewing pro­ducts from a custo­mer per­spec­tive and offe­ring com­pre­hen­sive, effec­tive solu­tions that go beyond mere indi­vi­dual pro­duct items. Our latest pro­ducts, which we will be pre­sen­ting at this trade fair, are all cha­rac­te­ri­sed by our core com­pe­ten­ces of light qua­lity, design and modu­la­rity”, explains Jürgen Hess, Exe­cu­tive Board Member, Selux AG. In the cur­rent era of digi­ta­li­sa­tion, ele­gant, pre­mium qua­lity pro­ducts alone are no longer enough.” Con­nec­ted to Life means, on the one hand, the con­nec­tion of indi­vi­dual pro­ducts with the over­whel­ming pos­si­bi­li­ties of modern tech­no­logy and on the other hand their sen­si­ble inte­gra­tion into the eve­ry­day lives of human beings.

Smart Lighting for the smart city of tomor­row

One exam­ple of this is Smart Lighting by Selux, a key com­po­nent of the smart city of tomor­row. Intel­li­gent net­wor­king for a better qua­lity of life, with urban lighting as an open, modu­lar infra­struc­ture. Pro­ducts like the Lif light column with its new, smart ele­ments demon­strate how, at Selux, topics like this are more than just theory – as does our test area in Berlin where custo­mers can expe­rience for them­sel­ves how smart tech­no­lo­gies are being inte­gra­ted into lighting. Our modu­lar pro­ducts are ideal for inte­gra­ting smart func­tions, which we then imple­ment pro­fes­sio­nally and future-relia­bly”, says Ralf P. Knor­ren­schild, Exe­cu­tive Board Member, Selux AG, of the company’s inno­va­tive focus.

New systems for exte­rior and inte­rior

The new pole-top lumi­nai­res from the Aira family for instance not only demon­strate a par­ti­cu­lar style of their own due to their trans­pa­rent, geo­me­tri­cal moul­ded bodies but are also ideal for the inte­gra­tion of wire­less tech­no­lo­gies since their mate­rial allows radio waves to pass through them without inter­fe­rence. Besi­des the Aira and Lif with their new smart modu­les, there are also the pole-top, bol­lard and wall-moun­ted lumi­nai­res of the Elo family using modu­lar Tritec lighting tech­no­logy with its outstan­ding opti­cal cha­rac­te­ri­stics. The Inula, with its con­trol­la­ble and fle­xi­ble Dark Sky bol­lard lumi­nai­res rounds off the range of the latest new pro­ducts by Selux for exte­rior use.

When it comes to inte­rior pro­ducts, Selux is exten­ding its com­pe­tence in the area of light lines even fur­ther, with addi­tions to the exi­sting M60 Con­nect and M36 systems but also with new inno­va­tive solu­tions. The Via system opens up new per­spec­ti­ves for the tried-and-tested 3-phase track system, with linear LED lumi­nai­res mer­ging with the track to form a single unit. In this way plan­ners can design vir­tually meta­phy­si­cal light lines that offer a high level of func­tio­na­lity and a wide variety of optics at the same time. A desi­gned object-like pre­sence is in turn the outstan­ding fea­ture of the Fluid system, deve­lo­ped by Selux with the Berlin design bureau e27. This modu­lar buil­ding kit for inci­sive struc­tu­res made from asym­me­tri­cal pro­file is an attrac­tive syn­the­sis of lighting and inte­rior design.

Tur­ning light into space: The trade fair booth

The trade fair booth, desi­gned again this year by Berlin Archi­tects Gon­za­les Haase, reflects our values of trans­pa­rency and open­ness with a struc­tu­red yet trans­pa­rent façade made of ver­ti­cal slats. Its colour con­cept of black, white and grey shades reflects the inter­play of light and sha­dows, with black repre­sen­ting the exte­rior pro­duct area, grey the inte­rior and white being the areas in the stand dedi­ca­ted to com­mu­ni­ca­tion. The booth pro­vi­des an ideal plat­form for Selux to engage in dia­lo­gue with plan­ners, custo­mers, con­struc­tors, archi­tects or lighting desi­gners, to col­la­bo­rate on the smart city vision, or to incor­po­rate light ever more seam­les­sly into archi­tec­ture – at all times bea­ring in mind the goal of pro­vi­ding human beings with a better qua­lity of life.

March 2018

About Selux
The Selux Group is a lea­ding pro­vi­der of sustai­na­ble lighting solu­tions for both inte­rior and exte­rior appli­ca­tions. Acting sustai­na­bly ena­bles Selux to main­tain high stan­dards when it comes to energy effi­ciency, ergo­no­mics and pro­duct design. Foun­ded in Berlin in 1948, Selux is today a global ope­ra­tion employ­ing 565 staff at sites in Europe, North Ame­rica and Austra­lia. Exam­ples of well-known that Selux has been invol­ved in the past include the Park am Glei­sdreieck” in Berlin, the Por­sche Museum in Stutt­gart, the Vieux-Port in Mar­seille and the 911 Memo­rial in New York.

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