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Monday 5 October 2015

Associated Member of the Connected Lighting Alliance (CLA)

In Sep­tem­ber 2015 Selux became an asso­cia­ted member of the Con­nec­ted Lighting Alliance.

The CLA was foun­ded in 2012 by lea­ding com­pa­nies in the lighting indu­stry with the goal of pro­mo­ting the global intro­duc­tion and deve­lo­p­ment of wire­less lighting solu­tions using open stan­dards. As a non-profit-orga­ni­sa­tion and an open consor¬tium, the Alliance ana­ly­ses market requi­re­ments for pro­fes­sio­nal lighting appli­ca­tions and iden­ti­fies stan­dar­di­sa­tion orga­ni­sa­tions for col­la­bo­ra­tion pur­po­ses.

As a com­pany that responds quic­kly to chan­ges in tech­no­logy and the mar­kets, Selux wishes to be clo­sely invol­ved with tech­no­logy chan­ges and the deve­lo­p­ment of global stan­dards. Being a member of the Con­nec­ted Lighting Alliance will offer Selux the chance to do this. For years now, three trends have defi­ned our life and work: digi­ta­li­sa­tion, dema­te­ria­li­sa­tion and net­wor­king. Mar­kets are increa­sin­gly con­ver­ging and tech­no­lo­gies mer­ging,” explains Selux Tech­ni­cal Direc­tor Jürgen Hess. The best exam­ples of this, in his view, are Apple and Google. Their tech­no­lo­gies have already seen off many pro­ducts made by con­ven­tio­nal manu­fac­tu­rers and will con­ti­nue to do so. Our wish is to anti­ci­pate this deve­lo­p­ment by buil­ding inno­va­tive pro­ducts that are con­form to global stan­dards so we can offer our custo­mers addi­tio­nal func­tio­na­li­ties that go beyond the scope of stan­dard lighting tasks.”

The kno­w­ledge we gain shall be the basis for pro¬duct deve­lo­p­ments and stra­te­gic com­pany ma¬nagement. As a CLA member, Selux will be at the fore­front of digi­ta­li­za­tion in the lighting indu­stry.

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