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Quai Joseph Gillet
Lyon, France

  • client Grand Lyon
  • architect Gautier + Conquet
  • lighting designer Coté Lumière
  • general contractor COFELY-INEO
  • photographer Xavier Boymond
  • Representation Selux France

The devel­op­ment of the Quai Joseph Gillet in Lyon is part of an exten­sive urban plan­ning and public art project on the bank of the River Saône, the aim of which is to revi­talise the river for res­i­dents. The sec­tion of the water­front stretch­ing from the Gare d’Eau sta­tion to Birm­ing­ham Avenue marks the tran­si­tion between the city, which is con­stantly in motion, and a greener, more peace­ful land­scape that is ideal for strolling.

The orig­i­nal goal of the urban devel­op­ment was to create a new iden­tity for this sec­tion of the water­front, a sort of gate­way to the city. As part of this devel­op­ment, con­di­tions were to be cre­ated for a gentle traf­fic flow and access to the river was to be improved for pedes­tri­ans. Public light­ing plays a key role in urban devel­op­ment projects. To be suc­cess­ful, it has to be fully inte­grated into the over­all project. The choice of mate­ri­als, both with regard to design and func­tion­al­ity, is there­fore a key aspect.

The Côté Lumière Agency, which was respon­si­ble for the light­ing design of this water­front sec­tion, opted for the Olivio Can­de­labra lumi­naire here. The inten­tion was to gen­er­ate light at selec­tive points in this space to pro­vide light­ing that is both soft but at the same time dis­crete and effec­tive. All lumi­naires have been equipped with visors, which not only makes them appear more slen­der but also helps reduce light pol­lu­tion.

  • The organic design of Olivio and its functional versatility due to the modular design of this luminaire family is inspired by role models from nature. As a result Olivio forms the basis for light concepts in urban living areas where the focus is on the well-being of people. Olivio luminaire heads are available in the sizes Grande, Medio and Piccolo and can be combined with various arms and pole types from the three design lines Sistema, Floracion and Candelabra. Yet it is not just the design that can be adapted individually according to the situation – various optics and light colours from 2,700 to 4,000 Kelvin also cater for challenging lighting tasks efficiently and without glare: from illumination of paths and squares, floodlighting of façades and accent lighting of buildings. The new Olivio Cap also reduces light scatter and for special requirements, with its camera and loudspeaker modules, Olivio can be integrated into smart application scene. The special wooden-pole aesthetic emphasizes the Olivio's high quality, organic luminaire design. Combined with luminaire heads in a harmonoius colour tone such as bronze, this results in a timelessly comforting spatial ambience.

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