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Campus Avril
Bruz, France

  • client Avril
  • architect Unité
  • landscape architect Phytolab
  • general contractor Legendre Immobilier
  • electrical planning Horizons
  • electrical installation Bouygues
  • photographer Andreas Stenger

The new Campus Avril in Bruz near Rennes is home to a modern research centre for the animal sector. Around 500 employ­ees work in this cir­cu­lar build­ing, which has a diam­e­ter of 84 metres and was designed by the archi­tec­tural bureau Unité de Nantes.

Its futur­is­tic con­struc­tion is con­sis­tently ori­ented to sus­tain­able devel­op­ment, as empha­sised by the solar power sta­tion on the roof, which pro­duces 155,000 kWh of energy per year (equiv­a­lent to the annual cur­rent con­sump­tion of 60 house­holds). The focus on sus­tain­abil­ity is also appar­ent from the exte­rior light­ing. Using our LED lumi­naires, which illu­mi­nate the build­ing and the adja­cent carpark, energy con­sump­tion has been low­ered by more than 70 per­cent com­pared to con­ven­tional tech­nolo­gies. As well as effi­ciency, the plan­ners were also won over by the organic design of the Olivio system lumi­naire, which enhances the fore­court of the entrance area superbly by day.

Notch bol­lards irra­di­at­ing soft, uni­form light, have addi­tion­ally been installed on the pedes­trian foot­paths. 

The carpark is lit using Astro lumi­naires cou­pled with D-Tekt pres­ence sen­sors, which only switch on light­ing when required, thereby fur­ther opti­mis­ing con­sump­tion of elec­tric­ity. 

  • The organic design of Olivio and its functional versatility due to the modular design of this luminaire family is inspired by role models from nature. As a result Olivio forms the basis for light concepts in urban living areas where the focus is on the well-being of people. Olivio luminaire heads are available in the sizes Grande, Medio and Piccolo and can be combined with various arms and pole types from the three design lines Sistema, Floracion and Candelabra. Yet it is not just the design that can be adapted individually according to the situation – various optics and light colours from 2,700 to 4,000 Kelvin also cater for challenging lighting tasks efficiently and without glare: from illumination of paths and squares, floodlighting of façades and accent lighting of buildings. The new Olivio Cap also reduces light scatter and for special requirements, with its camera and loudspeaker modules, Olivio can be integrated into smart application scene. The special wooden-pole aesthetic emphasizes the Olivio's high quality, organic luminaire design. Combined with luminaire heads in a harmonoius colour tone such as bronze, this results in a timelessly comforting spatial ambience.
  • Fascinating encased gemstones for modern urban settings - Key ideas behind the new product concept were timeless design, a magical atmosphere during darkness, efficiency and variability. The result was the new Astro family. The numerous configuration options cater for the manifold technological and formal requirements of urban settings. At the heart of the luminaire lies the optics unit, an integral system of LEDs, reflectors, the assembly unit and the surrounding passe-partout, ensuring a high level of efficiency and visual comfort, with three different directional characteristics. Optional the Astro can be equipped with an LED ring around its central light engine for ambient lighting.

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