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Atmospheric light in Hédas
Pau, France

  • Projekt Development of the Hédas quarter

  • Kunde City of Pau
  • Lichtplaner Lionel Bessières, Quartiers Lumières
  • Fotograf Xavier Boymond

The small town of Pau in the French depart­ment of Pyrénées-Atlan­tiques had the idea of a sophis­ti­cated light­ing project to revi­talise its his­toric dis­trict of Hedas.

Image pro­jec­tions on squares, street cor­ners and pave­ments invite cit­i­zens to dis­cover the cul­tural and demo­graphic diver­sity of their neigh­bour­hood. By night Olivio gobo pro­jec­tors bathe the quar­ter in an imag­i­nary world of fairy tales and myth­i­cal cre­ates – a key ele­ment devised by light­ing plan­ner Lionel Bessières of Quartiers Lumières from Toulouse.

The whim­si­cal, play­ful images pro­jected by the 23 gobo pro­jec­tors create poetic accents in the his­toric town set­ting of Pau.

  • Take advantage of the very latest projection technology for your graphical light settings. The Olivio Gobo spot is a professional event, marketing and highlighting medium which complements the Olivio series of system luminaires. The premium-quality lasered glass gobos within the luminaire enable any desired design to be projected with sharp contours using maximum precision – ranging from classic white light projection, to single-coloured or multi-coloured projection, finely graduated neutral density filter images or CMYK screening. Four different lens options guarantee the greatest possible variety of projection sizes at flexible distances to the projection area.

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