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Wednesday 26 March 2014

Evolutionary progress: The Olivio family of system luminaires — now with premium-quality white and RGBW LED lighting technology.

The Olivio lumi­naire system by Selux has proven its worth during many demand­ing projects such as the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart or Marseille’s Old Port. Now the Olivio has evolved even fur­ther, incor­po­rat­ing addi­tional options and the latest tech­nol­ogy to ensure it remains state-of-the-art: its LED lumi­naire heads pro­vide ever higher-per­for­mance while RGWB will open up hith­erto undreamt of pos­si­bil­i­ties for exte­rior design using dynamic, coloured light. Selux has made spec­i­fi­ca­tion even sim­pler too via the Olivio online con­fig­u­ra­tor avail­able at www​.selux​.com, which guides oper­a­tors inter­ac­tively in just a few steps to create a tender ready prod­uct spec­i­fi­ca­tion.

Max­i­mum design free­dom for plan­ners

Olivio offers a mul­ti­tude of con­fig­u­ra­tion options due to its con­sis­tent, mod­u­lar struc­ture, which is one reason for the system’s con­tin­u­ing suc­cess, enabling as it does indi­vid­ual design solu­tions for spe­cific loca­tions and projects. Olivio lumi­naire heads are avail­able in the sizes Grande, Medio and Pic­colo and can be com­bined with var­i­ous arms and pole types from the three Sis­tema, Flo­racion and Can­de­labra design lines. The vari­ants cre­ated nev­er­the­less retain a con­sis­tent appear­ance and are capa­ble of per­form­ing both func­tional and atmos­pheric light­ing tasks in out­door areas, such as the illu­mi­na­tion of paths and squares, spot­light­ing of facades or accent light­ing of build­ings.

Unlim­ited colour diver­sity with RGBW

The new dynamic RGBW light­ing option merges seam­lessly into the Olivio prod­uct family’s mod­u­lar prin­ci­ple. Light plan­ners can create an impres­sive look that is ide­ally coor­di­nated to the envi­ron­ment using ver­sa­tile, self-con­fig­urable lumi­naire shapes while at the same time inte­grat­ing dynamic, coloured light­ing into their con­cepts as an addi­tional styling ele­ment. Olivio RGBW lumi­naires enable unlim­ited colour diver­sity too. Tech­ni­cally speak­ing, Selux is break­ing new ground here — the spe­cial RGBW optics is based on a cir­cu­lar arrange­ment of coloured and white LEDs in a rota­tion-sym­met­ri­cal, freely-con­fig­urable reflec­tor. Its geom­e­try enables pre­ci­sion colour mixing con­tained entirely within the optics unit.

Com­fort­able con­trol via an app

Pro­gram­ming and con­trol of dynamic and static light scenes with Olivio RGBW lumi­naires is via DALI or DMX – e.g. with the Selux Net­com­poser. The light man­age­ment system enables up to 32 lumi­naires to be con­trolled via DALI or up to 256 via DMX. In this way highly com­plex scenes and sequences can be effort­lessly pro­grammed and simply recalled. Although it can be oper­ated via inter­faces with con­ven­tional key or but­tons, inte­gra­tion of touch panels is also pos­si­ble, as is WLAN con­trol via smart­phone or tablet with the Selux Light­ingTab” app for Android, iOS and Win­dows 8.

Equally vari­able are the reworked Olivio lumi­naire heads with white 3000K or 4000K LEDs and opti­mised, pre­mium qual­ity reflec­tor geom­e­try for spot, medium or flood light dis­tri­b­u­tions, which can be switched and dimmed via var­i­ous inter­faces. The use of intel­li­gent con­trol sys­tems enables light to be con­trolled indi­vid­u­ally and pre­cisely as required while the user-ori­ented con­trol reduces energy con­sump­tion sus­tain­ably, lowers costs and opti­mises a reduced CO2 foot­print.

Qual­ity fea­tures for a long lumi­naire life­time

High­est qual­ity mate­ri­als and max­i­mum func­tion­al­ity during usage are fea­tures that have long since come to be expected of Selux prod­ucts: The Olivio’s long ser­vice life and its housing’s dirt-resis­tant, organic shape will keep main­te­nance costs to the min­i­mum. Pre­mium qual­ity details of its IP 67 pro­tec­tion class hous­ing as well as its con­cealed cable rout­ing, unre­stricted ori­en­ta­tion via two axes and ample swiv­el­ling ranges, plus the housing’s cylin­der-lock­ing mech­a­nism of open­ing and clos­ing using just one screw thread all serve to empha­sise the Olivio’s claim to qual­ity in every respect.

March 2014

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