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Monday 12 March 2018

Lif – smart modules for the flexible light column

The Lif mod­u­lar light column by Selux is the per­fect light­ing system for state-of-the-art urban set­tings, designed for the light­ing of squares and paths as well as façades or the accent light­ing of objects. As announced by Selux when the Lif was launched, new mod­ules are being devel­oped on an ongo­ing basis – ensur­ing the Lif is becom­ing smarter and smarter all the time.

At Light + Build­ing 2018, Selux will be launch­ing a full series of new func­tional mod­ules for the Lif that blend seam­lessly into the exist­ing system con­sist­ing of poles with a diam­e­ter of 180 mm and var­i­ous light­ing tech­nol­ogy mod­ules: a mount­ing ele­ment for a camera, a loud­speaker module, a Wi-Fi mount­ing ele­ment, a charg­ing sta­tion and an accent light ele­ment. As well as smart ele­ments, sen­sors of all kinds can be inte­grated into the Lif, with appli­ca­tion-based indi­vid­ual solu­tions having been devel­oped by Selux on demand.
This fusion of smart func­tions within a basic light­ing func­tion offers munic­i­pal and urban coun­cils an eco­nom­i­cally viable, tech­ni­cally reli­able method for ensur­ing a uni­formly designed, net­worked smart city.

Excel­lent con­nec­tion

Public inter­net access via Wi-Fi is becom­ing an essen­tial part of modern urban life. The Lif Wi-Fi mount­ing ele­ment pro­vides the infra­struc­ture for this and can be used for mount­ing Wi-Fi tech­nol­ogy such as anten­nae, access points or routers at the customer’s site. The ele­ment is alu­minium die-cast and includes a black, PMMA dif­fuser that allows radio waves to pass through it and that can easily be removed for main­te­nance.

Stay vig­i­lant

Ensur­ing greater safety for crit­i­cal loca­tions in cities – the camera mount­ing ele­ment for Lif has a height of 630 mm and is ideal for mount­ing dome cam­eras with a diam­e­ter of up to 150 mm. Match­ing adapter plates are avail­able for selected dome cam­eras by the man­u­fac­tur­ers Axis, Bosch and Eneo, with other adapters are avail­able on request. The hous­ing is made of gal­vanised steel powder-coated in Selux Graphite or, option­ally, in the colour of your choice.

Atten­tion please!

As of now, the Lif can also be equipped with new loud­speaker mod­ules. As for the light­ing tech­nol­ogy mod­ules, they can also be fitted into a Lif mount­ing ele­ment, thereby blend­ing seam­lessly into the light column’s min­i­mal­ist design. One module con­tains two black FR8WP 8 Ohm loud­speak­ers, switched in par­al­lel and each with a 100 V TR 6.8 trans­mit­ter.

Fill er up, please!

Modern cities cater for elec­tro­mo­bil­ity and accord­ingly need to pro­vide a charg­ing infra­struc­ture – for exam­ple using the Selux charg­ing sta­tion for elec­tric vehi­cles. This can be installed on the Lif pole base ele­ment or on other Selux stan­dard poles. User guid­ance is via a func­tional LED ring. The charg­ing sta­tion pro­vides charg­ing powers of 3.7/11/22 kW and its hous­ing is made of anodized alu­minium and polyurethane.

Lumi­nous eye catcher

The Lif accent ele­ment can be inte­grated into Lif light columns at vary­ing heights. It has a height of 90 mm, while the 50 mm wide, ring-shaped light exit has a white PMMA dif­fuser. Equipped with DALI con­trolled RGB-LEDs, the ambi­ent light­ing ele­ment can also be used for sig­nalling via con­trolled colour changes.

March 2018

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