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Wednesday 1 April 2015

LED light in a clear geometrical design language: new Kju Circle light modules by Selux

Geo­met­ri­cal, purist, ver­sa­tile – this vision of a modern archi­tec­ture-based lumi­naire is made real­ity by the Kju family of lumi­naires by Selux. In addi­tion to the square models already pre­sented by Selux at Light+Building 2014, there now comes a new cir­cu­lar series of Kju LED light mod­ules — Kju Circle. Like Kju Square, this has an impres­sive min­i­mum con­struc­tion height of just 33mm and a lumi­nous volume at the side. Numer­ous mount­ing vari­ants and two optics system enable cre­ative light­ing solu­tions with a con­sis­tent aes­thetic.

As design ele­ments, the basic geo­met­ri­cal shapes of circle and square rep­re­sent the great­est pos­si­ble clar­ity and pre­ci­sion. In Kju Circle, Selux has devel­oped a cir­cu­lar equiv­a­lent of its qua­dratic Kju Square light mod­ules. In terms of con­struc­tion and func­tions, the round and qua­dratic ver­sions are sim­i­lar. This pro­vides plan­ners with a full range of options so that the two graph­i­cal shapes can be freely com­bined for light­ing con­cepts. The Kju light mod­ules are par­tic­u­larly easy-to-mount and, behind their ele­gant design, lies high-per­for­mance light­ing tech­nol­ogy for a high level of visual com­fort.

Pure light from a float­ing, flat volume

The lumi­naire body of Kju Circle like­wise con­sists of high-qual­ity, crys­tal clear PMMA with pre­ci­sion, min­i­mal­ist con­tours. A par­tic­u­lar fea­ture of all Kju lumi­naires is that the emit­ted light is con­tin­ued at the luminaire‘s ver­ti­cal front sur­faces, lend­ing the hous­ing the appear­ance of a float­ing body of light. Despite its low con­struc­tion height of just 33mm, Kju ensures extremely homoge­nous light­ing, ensured by a sep­a­rately devel­oped layer of lenses which spreads the point­cast LED light across the entire lumi­naire. 3000K and 4000K are avail­able as a choice of light colours while bright­ness can be dimmed via DALI.
Selux offers two optics sys­tems for Kju to cater for its var­i­ous appli­ca­tions: with a micro­prism dif­fuser, Kju com­plies with the high anti-dazzle spec­i­fi­ca­tions required for offices and work­places. And with a system effi­ciency of up to 87 lm/​W, the ver­sion with the opaque dif­fuser is suit­able for par­tic­u­larly eco­nom­i­cal and sus­tain­able gen­eral light­ing. Addi­tional flex­i­bil­ity in light­ing design is cre­ated by its avail­abil­ity as a direct or direct/​indirect light module.

Light mod­ules for ver­sa­tile mount­ing types

Var­i­ous mount­ing types make the Kju an extra­or­di­nar­ily ver­sa­tile tool for archi­tec­tural light­ing. Its cir­cu­lar light mod­ules can be trans­formed into pen­dant, sur­face-mounted or recessed lumi­naires as required with no need for addi­tional mount­ing acces­sories are for use as a sur­face-mounted lumi­naire on walls or ceil­ings. With a rope sus­pen­sion, the Kju becomes an ele­gant pen­dant lumi­naire while mount­ing frames are avail­able for par­tial instal­la­tion, rim­less instal­la­tion or instal­la­tion with a bracket accord­ingly. This enables Kju to be inte­grated effort­lessly into all styles of archi­tec­ture, cre­at­ing light com­po­si­tions for all types of rooms from offices and meet­ing rooms, recep­tion areas or shops to gen­eral thor­ough­fares such as cor­ri­dors and stair­wells.

Assem­bly-friendly in every respect

Selux devel­op­ers have placed par­tic­u­lar empha­sis on simple and log­i­cal instal­la­tion with Kju: its Click & Light system is assem­bly-friendly in every respect, with the light module con­nected to the con­verter hous­ing and its attach­ment acces­sories via an intel­li­gent click-in system. In this way the light mod­ules can be installed and oper­ated safely and with­out tools; as a result, all elec­tronic parts remain pro­tected from elec­tro­sta­tic dis­charge at all times.


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