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Main Station Forecourt
Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany

  • buyer Town of Brandenburg an der Havel
  • architect Hahn von Hantelmann, Hamburg
  • lighting designer Schlotfeldt Licht, Hamburg; Torsten Rullmann
  • photographer Claus Boeckh

The old sta­tion in Bran­den­burg an der Havel has been ren­o­vated in order to strengthen its link to the city centre again as in former times. In line with the fabric of the city, which dates back to the Wil­helmian period in Ger­many, a clearly defined fore­court has been cre­ated with attrac­tive green areas and light­ing.

This approach of ren­der­ing light and lumi­naires as spa­tially defin­ing ele­ments has been con­sis­tently devel­oped for the sta­tion fore­court and room axes. For this pre­mium qual­ity, pole-top lumi­naires with a dif­fuse light­ing cylin­der were installed.

The 7.5m high Lanova lumi­naires flank the area of the square; they are placed in rela­tion to the station’s façade and the rows of trees at the side in order to visu­ally mark out the bound­aries of the square. With their uni­form light, the subtle lumi­naires pro­vide a height­ened feel­ing of safety, trans­form­ing the sta­tion fore­court into an attrac­tive loca­tion with a high degree of sojourn qual­ity. In the area where the health centre and multi-gen­er­a­tion house are located, they are 4.5m tall and create a visual link to the city centre, to which they point they way. Over and above this, the pre­mium-qual­ity light­ing tech­nol­ogy by Selux ensures opti­mal light­ing of other traf­fic areas such as park­ing spaces for bicy­cles and cars. Energy-effi­cient LED light­ing tech­nol­ogy, vari­able light optics with a high level of anti-glare pro­tec­tion and modern con­trol units ensure eco­nomic oper­a­tion with a high level of light­ing com­fort. The mod­erni­sa­tion of the sta­tion and redesign of its light­ing have updated the expe­ri­ence for trav­ellers enter­ing the city of Bran­den­burg an der Havel.

  • With its illuminated diffuser, which shapes its immediate surroundings, the modern, technical design of the Lanova family stands out during the night time. Its cylindrical shape distinguishes these luminaires, which are available in pole-top, pendant or catenary versions. Optimised light technology makes for maximum visual comfort, and enables ultra-efficient lighting schemes that conform to international standards for a wide range of environments.
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