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Heilbronn Regional Authorities Building multi-storey carpark
Heilbronn, Germany

  • project Heilbronn Regional Authorities Building multi-storey carpark
  • client Landratsamt Heilbronn
  • lighting designer Süwag Energie AG -Architektonische Stadtraumbeleuchtung- in cooperation with 3L. LICHT-LUX-LUMEN
  • design Prof. Gunter Stilling
  • electrical planning Ing.Büro für Elektrotechnik: Herbel
  • photographer 3L. LICHT-LUX-LUMEN GbR

The multi-storey carpark at the Regional Author­i­ties Build­ing in Heil­bronn has a par­tic­u­larly eye-catch­ing fea­ture — an 85 m long sculp­ture by the German sculp­tor Gun­ther Still­ing has been installed across the entire length of one of its exter­nal walls. The artist has cre­ated numer­ous works for public spaces, which are on view in many cities in the south-west of Ger­many. The sculp­ture on the munic­i­pal multi-storey carpark build­ing con­sists of stain­less steel tubes that form an abstract shape. Selux Initio 350 lumi­naires, unob­tru­sively installed on the ground, pro­vide an impres­sive set­ting for the art­work. These LED lights in spe­cial hous­ings, beam light onto the sculp­ture from below.

  • Initio is a linear LED floodlight designed for the illumination of facades and to highlight specific architectural features, with it’s narrow beam light distribution onto walls avoiding unnecessary light pollution. Two mounting brackets ensure ease of installation and adjustment of the luminaire makes Initio an ideal lighting tool.

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