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Cours Victor Hugo
Bordeaux, France

  • project Cours Victor Hugo
  • client City of Bordeaux
  • architect Fabien Pédelaborde, Laurent Gouyou-Beauchamps
  • landscape architect Emmanuelle Crouzet
  • lighting designer Yann Kersalé – AIK
  • design Danielle Justes
  • electrical planning Sogreah consultants
  • electrical installation SPIE Sud-Ouest

Just as other artists work with shades or colours, light­ing designer Yann Ker­salé uses light as a design medium, exper­i­ment­ing against the con­trast of night. His spec­tac­u­lar trans­fig­u­ra­tion of Bor­deaux has light frames” cast­ing coloured light up into the foliage of the trees that line the streets with the pave­ments illu­mi­nated by direct, white light.

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