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Prinzessinnenpalais, Berlin

  • architeto Kuehn Malvezzi
  • lighting designer Stephan Zimmermann, Lightsolutions, Oberursel
  • fotografo Werner Huthmacher, Berlin

At the start of the 19th cen­tury it was the resi­dence for Frie­drich Wilhelm III’s three daughters, but today it is a new loca­tion for the arts and a mee­ting place in Berlin. Any per­sons wishing to disco­ver cul­ture via an inter­di­sci­pli­nary expe­rience are wel­come at the Palais Popu­laire in the former Prin­zes­sin­nen­pa­lais (Prin­ces­ses’ Palace).

The buil­ding desi­gned by Kuehn Mal­vezzi has been given a new light set­ting using the Lif. As well as a twin­spot module, the six-metre high light columns are equip­ped with a camera and a façade module for the bea­ming of objects. The robust, con­fi­dent design of the Lif enri­ches the histo­ric sur­roun­dings of this palace on Unter den Linden without domi­na­ting it.

  • Lively, vibrant and ever changing – our enthusiasm for cities knows no bounds whether for the diversity of their public spaces, the splendid facades with elegant shopping streets, unique monuments or inviting parks. However it is especially in the evenings that we experience the real magic of the big city – when the light of the Lif gives the fullest expression to urban life. Reserved in shape, the Lif integrates discretely into all urban settings, innovatively reinterpreting the reduced cylinder form as a basic architectural shape. By day, rather than distracting onlookers, the Lif blends into the background yet by night it displays its full effect – with the Lif, it is the light that is aligned, not the luminaire. Its modularity enables it to create visual settings for the surrounding area, adapting itself, like no other luminaire before it, flexibly and effortlessly to a diversity of urban lighting tasks. Highly versatile in terms of application, the Lif enables passers-by to experience the human geography of the city in a highly inspiring way.
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