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Church square illuminated with the Lif

  • progetto Lif in Delbrück
  • cliente City of Delbrück
  • architetto paesaggista FSWLA Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH, Dusseldorf
  • lighting designer Studio Candela, Herford
  • fotografo Markus Bollen

Here the goal was to bring the cen­tral square in the town of Del­brück to life using light. A new light mood the­re­fore needed to be con­cei­ved using lumi­nai­res that would also not com­pete too hea­vily with the archi­tec­ture of the sur­roun­ding buil­dings. The resul­tant light con­cept was devi­sed by Studio Can­dela in coo­pe­ra­tion with FSWLA and took into account the unique nature of the archi­tec­ture at Kir­ch­platz in Del­brück. The plan­ners chose the uni­ver­sal Lif light column by Selux, the mini­ma­list shape of which blends har­mo­niou­sly into the sur­roun­dings.

Kir­ch­platz in Del­brück or Church Square is loca­ted at the heart of this small town in North Rhine-West­pha­lia with a popu­la­tion of 30,000 inha­bi­tants. Around the Catho­lic parish church of St. John the Bap­tist, the croo­ked wooden spire of which is regar­ded as the town’s land­mark, stands a unique col­lec­tion of half-tim­be­red houses. The pre­vious lighting at this church square, which was merely func­tio­nal, has now been repla­ced with a modern lighting con­cept, for which the Lif has assu­med the star­ring role.

A slim, cylin­dri­cal light column with a dia­me­ter of just 180 mil­li­me­tres, Lif blends per­fec­tly into the town­scape as a space-defi­ning ele­ment, its ele­gant purist design accen­tua­ting the area around the parish church with pre­mium qua­lity light. Being a modu­lar system, a variety of gear trays can be instal­led on the Lif, which is the reason plan­ners chose it for the task of both envi­ron­men­tal and path­way lighting. The Lif top ele­ment illu­mi­na­tes Kir­ch­platz and the path­ways that lead off from it with its dow­n­wardly direc­ted light while the twin­spot modu­les cast their light upwards as far as the tops of the trees that line the square. As well as illu­mi­na­ting the trees howe­ver, this hori­zon­tally beamed light also bathes all the faça­des around the square in a reser­ved, roman­tic light.

Lif suc­ces­sfully sets the impres­sive sur­roun­dings of the parish church in Del­brück in scene by tar­ge­ted use of light, live­ning up this town centre while pro­vi­ding it with a high degree of sojourn qua­lity – par­ti­cu­larly during the eve­ning hours.

  • Lively, vibrant and ever changing – our enthusiasm for cities knows no bounds whether for the diversity of their public spaces, the splendid facades with elegant shopping streets, unique monuments or inviting parks. However it is especially in the evenings that we experience the real magic of the big city – when the light of the Lif gives the fullest expression to urban life. Reserved in shape, the Lif integrates discretely into all urban settings, innovatively reinterpreting the reduced cylinder form as a basic architectural shape. By day, rather than distracting onlookers, the Lif blends into the background yet by night it displays its full effect – with the Lif, it is the light that is aligned, not the luminaire. Its modularity enables it to create visual settings for the surrounding area, adapting itself, like no other luminaire before it, flexibly and effortlessly to a diversity of urban lighting tasks. Highly versatile in terms of application, the Lif enables passers-by to experience the human geography of the city in a highly inspiring way.
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