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EXPO 2016
Antalya, Turkey

  • project EXPO 2016 Antalya
  • architect ARTI Mımarlık | Mehmet Şenol and Team
  • lighting designer Niyazi Avci
  • photographer Emre Şahin

The first world exhibition in Turkey features the motto „Flowers and Children“ and focuses on nature and green cities. The EXPO grounds comprise 53 national gardens as well as other theme-based gardens grouped around an artificial lake. For the lighting of paths and squares, the light planner Niyazi Avci and the architects from ARTI Mimarlık Bureau in Ankara opted for exterior luminaires from the Selux product range.

The city of Antalya is a world famous beach resort and the tourism centre of the Turkish Riviera. The goal of the EXPO 2016 is to draw deserving attention to the greenness of the fertile region that surrounds Antalya. Together with history, biodiversity and green cities, sustainability is one of the four key areas of this exhibition. With its artificial EXPO lake, the newly planted forest, the Children Island, the Museum for Agriculture, a viewing platform and an amphitheatre holding 2000 people, it is destined to serve as a public park and events venue – meaning it will be both a tourist attraction and a green lung for the rapidly growing metropolis. The design concept for the grounds and buildings was conceived by Mehmet Senol and his team from the ARTI Mimarlık Bureau in Ankara. The 114 metre high EXPO tower, with its highly expressive shape, has the potential to become a landmark both of the exhibition and for the surrounding Antalya region.

The majority of the lighting on the EXPO grounds has been supplied by Selux. As well as ensuring brightness and safety for visitors during the evening and at night-time, the hundreds of pole-top luminaires from the Astro and Olivio series also lend the grounds an impressive overall appearance during darkness. The 15-metre high poles from the Olivio Sistema design line, each of which is fitted with 15 Olivio Grande light heads, are a particular eye catcher. These have been erected at prominent locations such as the main entrance, side entrance, Expo tower and Expo Square. The Olivio luminaire heads coil in an elegant spiral up the poles ensuring a state-of-the-art but at the same time organic look. Each of the luminaire heads can be aligned individually with their rotationally symmetrical 40° LED optics and controlled via DALI. This has enabled the light planner Niyazi Avci to make flexible use of just a few pole-top luminaires for uniform lighting of both open spaces and exhibition objects.

The paths around the various national gardens are also lined with pole-top luminaires from the Olivio series. A total of 266 luminaires from the Olivio Candelabra design line with three Olivio Medio light heads emit their high-quality LED light via rotationally symmetrical wide-beaming reflectors. The planners chose 4000 Kelvin as the light colour with an above standard CRI of >80 for natural reproduction of the ubiquitous colourful plants and flowers. The third Selux luminaire type specified by Niyazi Avci was the Astro pole-top luminaire. Almost four hundred of these are located at various prominent locations such as at the VIP building, the Press Centre, the amphitheatre and the Children Island. They are equipped with symmetrically reflecting optics and a striking blue-effect ring. Whereas the luminaires from the Olivio series naturally complement horticultural exhibitions, the Astro luminaires, designed by the renowned bureau Phoenix Design from Stuttgart, enable a pleasantly sobering contrast.

Whether for an organic look or a distinctive technical design, when it came to sustainability, the exhibition planners chose the ideal lighting partner. Premium-quality LED modules and precision optics ensure optimal energy efficiency. Thanks to the durable materials, corrosion-resistant surfaces and robust designs, these luminaires will retain their look of quality and aesthetics for years to come.

  • Fascinating encased gemstones for modern urban settings - Key ideas behind the new product concept were timeless design, a magical atmosphere during darkness, efficiency and variability. The result was the new Astro family. The numerous configuration options cater for the manifold technological and formal requirements of urban settings. At the heart of the luminaire lies the optics unit, an integral system of LEDs, reflectors, the assembly unit and the surrounding passe-partout, ensuring a high level of efficiency and visual comfort, with three different directional characteristics. Optional the Astro can be equipped with an LED ring around its central light engine for ambient lighting.
  • The distinctive Olivio family is a modern, striking, multifunctional urban lighting system, available in three different sizes with interchangeable reflectors for street and accent lighting applications. This flexible lighting system can be equipped with optical accessories such as honeycomb and ring louvres, coloured and elongation lenses offering further effects and control. Olivio Sistema, Candelabra and Floracion poles and brackets provide total freedom of design and flexible planning.
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