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London City Island
London, United Kingdom

  • project London City Island: Trinity Square with the English National Ballet
  • architect Troup Bywaters + Anders
  • photographer Amphitype
  • Representation Selux UK

Trin­ity Square is the cen­tral plaza in the newly con­structed dis­trict of City Island in cen­tral London. Located on the banks of the River Thames and nick­named Mini Man­hat­tan”, it was devel­oped by the con­struc­tion com­pany Bal­ly­more and EcoWorld. Across an area of 12 hectares, it com­prises new apart­ments with a ware­house look, offices, restau­rants, bou­tiques, pedes­trian foot­paths and cycle paths, water parks as well as spaces for art and cul­ture. Trin­ity Square is also located directly in front of the Eng­lish National Ballet and recently became illu­mi­nated by Selux Olivio lumi­naires.

With their wooden poles, the Oliv­ios on this red­dish square with irreg­u­lar, diag­o­nal, ver­ti­cal and hor­i­zon­tal white stripes are sug­ges­tive of addi­tional trees – an impres­sion enhanced by the way the Olivio Sis­tema is arranged about the wooden poles.

The wooden poles are 11 metres in height and illu­mi­nate the bright, semi-trans­par­ent façade of the Eng­lish National Ballet and Trin­ity Square in 3000 Kelvin, RGBW light, enabling the square, the trees and any passers-by to be immersed in, for exam­ple, violet-coloured light by night.

The trees and the organic shape of the lumi­naires, together with the nat­ural mate­r­ial of wood, set a con­trast­ing accent to the modern archi­tec­ture of the square and sur­round­ing build­ings. Besides the poles, which are designed by street fur­ni­ture man­u­fac­turer Aubrilam, there is a match­ing long bench too, entic­ing passers-by to stop and linger for a while.

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