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Lif Hourglass
Saint-Etienne, France

  • project Lif Hourglass, Saint-Etienne
  • client Saint-Etienne Métrople - STAS
  • lighting designer Cobalt Lumière
  • electrical planning Egis
  • electrical installation Bouygues Energies & Services – Instalum – Engie
  • photographer Agron Bislimi

The final stops of the T3 tram line in Saint-Eti­enne will in future be adorned with light hour­glasses.

The hour­glasses have been cre­ated by the Cobalt Lumière design agency and are based on our Lif light columns, which can be found else­where in the town.

The light hour­glasses are located next to the tram stops. These con­sti­tute intel­li­gent elec­tri­cal sig­nage that uses light sig­nals to indi­cate to pas­sen­gers the wait­ing time until the next tram arrives.

While the hor­i­zon­tal green lines indi­cate the time left until the next tram in one direc­tion, the hor­i­zon­tal blue lines indi­cate the same for the other direc­tion. The less lines that are shown, the nearer the tram is.

As a result, pas­sen­gers can tell whether to con­tinue approach­ing the stop as they are already doing or if they have to hurry to catch the next tram.

  • Cities are lively, vibrant places that are always in motion. Changes in use within communal spaces or multi-functional concepts are transforming urban spaces and with it, the requirements for lighting. As a modular system luminaire in the shape of a slim, cylindrical light column, Lif provides full freedom for the creation of light settings in urban spaces and the smart implementation of these using networked functions. More flexible than any other luminaire, it adapts itself to the widest variety of urban lighting tasks. By day, Lif occupies a reserved role in the cityscape but it is during darkness that it demonstrates its true versatility – depending on the configuration, it can be transformed into a luminaire for squares or pathways, an accent light, or even all of these at once, while at all times remaining a minimalist light column. Lighting tools like the pathway module or the Gobo projector for eyecatching projection effects expand and enhance the scope of planning. New spacer elements in four heights perfectly complement the versatile configuration options of Lif, while smart components like a loudspeaker module, camera, or WiFi element make this light column a key element in smart cities.

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