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Amore Pacific Headquarters
Seoul, South Korea

  • project Amore Pacific Headquarters
  • architect David Chipperfield Architects, Berlin; Kesson, Seoul
  • lighting designer Arup Deutschland GmbH
  • Representation SJL Corp.

The new head­quar­ters of Amore Pacific, the largest man­u­fac­turer of cos­met­ics in South Korea, is char­ac­ter-ised by open­ness, nature and sus­tain­abil­ity. In the land­scaped park, the paths are retraced by intel­li­gent Lif light columns.

This 110 metre-high, cube-shaped build­ing has three large open­ings at the side on the upper floors which, like the over­sized win­dows, pro­vide addi­tional space for three rooftop gar­dens. The con­nec­tion to the city and nature is evi­dent too in the invit­ing atrium at the base of the build­ing that is open from all sides. The inner court­yard is flooded with day­light and is not just acces­si­ble to work­ers – a museum, library, tea­house and selected shops entice the gen­eral public inside to expe­ri­ence beauty and fun and learn.

The gar­den­like court­yard is acces­si­ble from street level as if the adjoin­ing city park were to be con­tin­ued on the com­pany premises. In the land­scaped park, the paths are retraced by intel­li­gent Lif light columns. By day, they assume a reserved role in the urban land­scape but during dark­ness they exhibit their ver­sa­til­ity, with flex­i­bly alignable Twinspots illu­mi­nat­ing the wind­ing paths. Via the inte­grated camera module, the Lif also helps con­tribute to safety in this exte­rior space.

The project was awarded the German Light Design Prize in May 2019 in the cat­e­gory Inter­na­tional Project”.

  • Lively, vibrant and ever changing – our enthusiasm for cities knows no bounds whether for the diversity of their public spaces, the splendid facades with elegant shopping streets, unique monuments or inviting parks. However it is especially in the evenings that we experience the real magic of the big city – when the light of the Lif gives the fullest expression to urban life. Reserved in shape, the Lif integrates discretely into all urban settings, innovatively reinterpreting the reduced cylinder form as a basic architectural shape. By day, rather than distracting onlookers, the Lif blends into the background yet by night it displays its full effect – with the Lif, it is the light that is aligned, not the luminaire. Its modularity enables it to create visual settings for the surrounding area, adapting itself, like no other luminaire before it, flexibly and effortlessly to a diversity of urban lighting tasks. Highly versatile in terms of application, the Lif enables passers-by to experience the human geography of the city in a highly inspiring way.
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