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Transformer Substation
Berlin-Wilhelmsruh, Germany

  • project Transformer Substation
  • client BEWAG AG & CO.KG, Vattenfall Europe Information Services GmbH
  • architect Max Dudler, Berlin
  • electrical installation Zeka Elektrobau GmbH
  • photographer Achim Hatzius

Between 1925 and 1932, Berlin’s municipal electrical company built a modern power grid for three-phase power supply. This substation building, built by Hans Heinrich Müller in 1926, has a highly linear design which provided a clear direction for the lighting design. Light levels in its very different rooms have been provided by neo luminaires installed as horizontal or vertical lines of lights.

  • Utilisation of all visible light is the key to the Neo luminaire philosophy. The series combines the advantages of modularity, elegant design and operational efficiency. Its legacy is a functional and modernist appearance. Neo has been developed with a dedicated systematic approach to allow total freedom of design and flexibility of specification for suspended, ceiling-mounted or surface-mounted applications. The Neo range offers a single system of lighting design solutions for a wide range of tasks found on any project.
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