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Stockholm, Sweden

  • project Swedbank Headquaters
  • client Swedbank
  • buyer Swedbank
  • architect 3xN, Stockholm
  • lighting designer Black Ljusdesign - Niklas Ödmann + Fredik Amnäs, Stockholm
  • photographer Johan Ödmann, Adam Mørk

Headquarters of Swedbank in Sundbyberg

The building of the new Swedbank headquarters in the suburb of Stockholm is a visualisation of the bank's corporate values, its overall architectural and lighting concept reflecting openness, simplicity and care.

The outline of the headquarters building with its cascading structure is a triple V-shape, the interior spaces between the Vs forming five airy daylight atria. The discreet M luminaires assist the use of natural daylight here, emphasising the architecture's open nature. During the day, the room is enlivened by daylight while at night interior luminaires light up the façades, successfully portraying this transparency on the exterior as a corporate value.

The minimalist design of the M-luminaires blends harmoniously into the functional room design and completes the Swedish concept of simplicity. They run like clear accent lines inside the bank, enhancing the architectural dynamics of the office complex. Customised connecting elements at a special angle have been manufactured for uninterrupted installation.

The transparent architecture creates a dynamic, social environment with flexible office units and temporary working areas for team meetings and project work. In this context, the Selux lighting technology had to fulfil particular tasks and so the controllable light system provides optimal light distribution only in actively used working areas. The M luminaires equipped with DALI lighting technology for direct/indirect lighting generate a pleasant atmosphere ensuring ergonomic working is possible while at the same time enabling a high degree of economic efficiency.

  • The M is a highly flexible family of luminaires combining a virtually universal range of applications with minimalist design. Thanks to the manifold assembly variants, profile widths and optics systems, this system of light channels can provide a custom lighting solution for even the most specialist requirements precisely to the millimetre, whether as single luminaires or a complex lighting structure.
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