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Solon SE
Berlin, Germany

  • project Solon SE
  • client Solon AG
  • architect Heinrich Schulte-Frohlinde, Berlin
  • lighting designer LET, Berlin Electrical
  • electrical installation Baurconsult, Haßfurt
  • photographer Achim Hatzius, Solon SE

The new Solon SE corporate headquarters sends a clear signal for saving resources in a modern, versatile working environment. The holistic approach combined efficiency, user comfort and lifecycle cost optimisation in an appealing overall concept and sets new standards in sustainable architecture. The integrated light management system, although individually controlled, is linked along with the heating and ventilation into the overall building services management system and was designed for optimum visual comfort and maximum energy efficiency.

  • Satinlights can be coordinated to complement the surrounding architecture and are available in a wide range of versions, with uniformly illuminated, linear, round or square diffusers. Satinlights Office luminaires are equipped with microprism shieldings, making them particularly suitable for computer or other screen-based workstations. The modular structure of the Satinlights range means it can also form the basis for customer-specific solutions and individual luminaire concepts.
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