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Porsche Center
Leipzig, Germany

  • project Porsche Zentrum
  • client Porsche Leipzig GmbH
  • electrical installation Voith Industrial Services GmbH
  • photographer Hans Christian Krass

The Porsche Zentrum in Leipzig is a spacious event platform, offering customers a multitude of ways to indulge their fascination with sports cars. Porsche manufactures its Panamera and Cayenne models here and visitors can also experience the handling characteristics of a Porsche for themselves using an FIA-certified on-road circuit or off-road track. With an exhibition of past and present Porsche models, various event areas, the Porsche Design Shop, a restaurant and a lounge; the customer centre acts as a hub for visitors. When the premises were extended to become an event location, a newly optimised lighting concept was also developed for the customer centre based on its existing

Effect lighting visually emphasises the entrance area using Selux M36 LED RGBW linear luminaires, in an IP54-conforming variant with a width of just 36mm, integrated into the existing ceiling haunches. The lights are arranged within a very tight space inside the haunches and individual LEDs in the luminaires can be controlled segment-by-segment. Using asymmetric-beaming Light Modulation Optics, Selux’ own-development, the M36 light system enables entirely uniform lighting of the ceiling sections. M36 LED RGBW luminaires are activated individually via the Selux NetComposer light management system depending on the programming required for the specific event. User-friendly wall panels allow simple control of various colour sequences and light scenes or can be used to realise highly-complex light scenes. Lumera spotlights have also been installed to ensure effective direct lighting of the access area.

Various lighting types are in use in the exhibition area: basic lighting, lighting of exhibition projects, emphasis of architectural elements andstage lighting. For basic lighting and illumination/accent lighting of vehicles with various shielding angles, DALI tracks with Selux i-Trac spots have been used. DMX-controllable RGBW headlamps are installed on the distinctive steel girders along the building wall that enable coloured lighting of key architectural elements. These lighting elements are repeated throughout the restaurant and stage area on the floor below. In the entrance area, dynamic light scenes and colour changes can be created via the Selux NetComposer.
To ensure events run smoothly, the entire NetComposer system has been integrated via LAN into both existing media technology and the building's automation system.

  • The M is a highly flexible family of luminaires combining a virtually universal range of applications with minimalist design. Thanks to the manifold assembly variants, profile widths and optics systems, this system of light channels can provide a custom lighting solution for even the most specialist requirements precisely to the millimetre, whether as single luminaires or a complex lighting structure.
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