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Hugo Boss Orange
Berlin and London

  • project Hugo Boss Orange
  • architect Andrea Cannelloni, Liganova GmbH, Tim Hupe
  • lighting designer Reflexion, Zürich

HUGO BOSS has opened the first BOSS Orange special concept store in London's Carnaby Street. On two floors extending over 2,000 square feet, mens- and womenswear – and shoes and accessories – from the BOSS Orange line are available at 9 Carnaby Street in London's world-famous Soho district. Designed in line with a special concept tailored to the location and city by BOSS Orange Creative Director Andrea Cannelloni, the London store epitomizes the collection's young, dynamic and innovative style. The store's ambiance features an interplay of contrasts, combining a light-colored stone floor and fine teak with unfinished, rusty and worn-looking materials. The ground floor and basement are linked by a stairway lined by a highlight wall constructed of concrete cubes. The slanted glass store front allows unobstructed views of both floors from the street. After Berlin, London is the second BOSS Orange special concept store to open its doors.

Fusion out of loft, art gallery and avant-garde café: the world-wide first shop for the new young line of Hugo Boss opened in a historical commercial building in Muenzstrasse, Berlin. A semicircular facade and large glass fronts grant a view of the 500m2 large sales area. Raw walls and raw metal racks stand in opposite to leather sofas and skin carpets. An integrated bar supplies visitors with snacks and drinks, either "to go" as well as "to stay". Approximately 300 special lights of Selux with halogen and metal halide lamps as well as light lines with fluorescent lamps set the spectacular interior in scene. The shop seems consciously a little incomplete and nonglamouroes: Here dresses become art objects, which can even be designed according to individual desires. The try-on takes place alternatively in a bathroom, a library, a living room or a greenhouse. Everywhere with suitable noises as the sound of a razor, the rustling of book sides or the voices of birds.

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