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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

  • project Harley-Davidson-Museum
  • client Harley-Davidson Motor Co.
  • architect Pentagram Architekt, New York
  • lighting designer Brandston Partnership, New York
  • photographer Paul Warchol by courtesy of Harley-Davidson

As well as its exhibits, the focus of this building is to communicate a distinct attitude and way of life. The spectacular Harley-Davidson museum occupies 121,000 m² of exhibition space and tells the history of the legendary US motorcycle brand. The 8,000 exhibits include the first Harley, dating from 1903, a model driven by Elvis Presley from 1956 and the four-metre-long King Kong, which took more than 40 years to construct. The museum’s design is an unmistakable reference to industrial architecture and the clear, geometrical lighting scheme harmonises superbly with the factory building’s deliberately raw design.

  • The M is a highly flexible family of luminaires combining a virtually universal range of applications with minimalist design. Thanks to the manifold assembly variants, profile widths and optics systems, this system of light channels can provide a custom lighting solution for even the most specialist requirements precisely to the millimetre, whether as single luminaires or a complex lighting structure.
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