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Federal Ministry of Family Affairs
Berlin, Germany

  • project Federal Ministry of Family Affairs
  • client Bundesanstalt für Immobilienaufgaben
  • architect Schweger Associated Architects GmbH
  • lighting designer Kardorff Ingenieure, Berlin
  • electrical planning NEK Ingenieure, Berlin
  • photographer Florian Profitlich

The open, transparent, communicative design of the new building at the German Federal Ministry of Family Affairs connects old and new building sections to create a single complex. The spacious, room-height glass façade invites visitors to engage in public dialogue while at the same time ensuring ample daylight floods into the building, giving its corridors a feeling of lightness. Directly behind its glass front, a continuous row of light strips emphasise the corridors and atria, the shadowless light immersing the spaces in a uniform ambience. At night, the Purelight lines create an equally imposing sight, impressively tracing the structure of the façade along a distance of 888 metres.

  • Purelight is an architectural element that blends effortlessly into any interior space. The family combines the advantages of minimalist design, high efficiency and virtually 360° light. This versatile luminaire is available as a suspended, surface- or wallmounted unit and provides exceptional, continuous lighting. Purelight’s slim cylindrical shape with a satinated polycarbonate diffuser provides superior uniformity and high-quality interior lighting. High-gloss end caps, couplers and suspensions mean the system provides a uniform spatial ambience in foyers, corridors and conference rooms.
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