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St. Bartholomew’s church (Église de Saint-Barthélemy)

  • project St. Bartholomew’s church (Église de Saint-Barthélemy)
  • client Prémanon commune
  • lighting designer Scenergie
  • electrical installation SCEB
  • photographer Gilles Alonso
  • Representation Selux France

The commune of Prémanon is located at an altitude of 1120 metres in the French département of Jura, close to the Swiss border. For the 250th anniversary of its completion, the old village church known as the Église de Saint-Barthélemy was refurbished and its lighting concept redesigned.

As a result, a discreet and economically efficient LED lighting concept was devised where intervention in the existing architecture was kept to a minimum. Loop pendant luminaires have been installed in the nave and the two side aisles while the point at which these cross over has also been accentuated using a ring luminaire. The luminaire’s ring-shaped design brings a completely new aesthetic to this sacred building while, in a church setting, the Loop at the same time has associations of a symbolic nature for, on seeing the luminaire, one cannot help but be reminded of the halo from the Christian art tradition.

Appearing to hover gently, the ring luminaire radiates its light both directly and indirectly – enabling atmospheric lighting of the cross vault. With its brilliant shimmering appearance, the precise microlens diffuser also provides highlights of its own and illuminates the church interior effectively with just a few luminaires without any glare. The result is a friendly, contemplative atmosphere, allowing visitors to feel secure and at ease.

Various light scenes are available in the church interior for the different feast days during the church year or for events such as concerts.

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