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Congress and Concert Hall
Uppsala, Sweden

  • project Congress and Concert Hall
  • architect Henning Larsen
  • lighting designer ÅF Consult, Henrik Skönborg, Christer Lindbäck

Uppsala Concert and Congress Hall stands out like a crystal on Vaksala Square with its spectacular reflective metallic facades. The eight floor building is designed for multifunctional use and follows the design themes of the Swedish “Peoples House” tradition for music, conferences and exhibitions.

On the ground level, we find the entrance areas and the exhibition and banquet hall, including an open-plan café. There are in all three combined conference and concert halls in the building, for all kinds of music, from hip hop to symphonies. Acoustics in both the medium size and Grand Halls have already been acclaimed as outstanding. The foyer, situated on the level 6 and running unbroken along the perimeter all around the building, with its floor-to-ceiling glass facade presenting the most spectacular all-round view to the visitor over the Uppsala skyline.

  • The M is a highly flexible family of luminaires combining a virtually universal range of applications with minimalist design. Thanks to the manifold assembly variants, profile widths and optics systems, this system of light channels can provide a custom lighting solution for even the most specialist requirements precisely to the millimetre, whether as single luminaires or a complex lighting structure.
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