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Capucins Chapel
Aigues-Mortes, France

  • client Setex Ingeniere
  • architect Richard et Fontaine Architecture
  • lighting designer ECL Studio - Yves Bral
  • electrical installation Electro Industrie
  • photographer Xavier Boymond

In the small mediaeval town of Aigues-Mortes, at the heart of the Camargue on the French Mediterranean coast, a path leads from the Place St-Louis, a lively square lined with cafés, up to a 17th-century Capuchin Chapel. After being dissolved as a monastery, the chapel was sold in 1790 and took on a variety of roles over the years, functioning as a military arsenal, an inn and an indoor market and fish shop until, in 1975, a cultural centre was opened here, with the building still exhibiting temporary exhibitions of contemporary art to this day. This cultural institution was recently renovated with regards to comfort, efficiency and accessibility.

The task of revising its lighting concept went to ECL Studio, which is led by lighting designer Yves Bral. Rather than conventional luminaire shapes, the light planners opted to use a sophisticated LED lighting solution, the Loop pendant luminaire to improve the general lighting – and hence the quality of lighting at the cultural centre. Its ring shape enables maximum flexibility with regard to architectural integration and means it can be positioned in the room regardless of the light direction. The ring, which appears to hover gently in the air, has a cross-section width of just 25 mm, a height of 36 mm and a total diameter of 496 mm. The delicate Loop has been suspended from the ceiling at various heights of up to 3 metres in this former Capuchin Chapel, creating a wave effect that lends this historical room a whole new ambience. The arrangement consists of 12 individual luminaires and makes for highly elegant lighting.

Sophisticated lighting technology using microlenses also ensures the best possible light quality. Since the light exits from the Loop outwards from the ring, it enables maximum efficiency across the plane, with its direct and indirect proportion ensuring homogeneous illumination of the museum. Both light proportions are separately switchable and dimmable via a DALI interface while additional accent lighting of individual objects has been achieved using Eutrac busbars fitted with 24-Wally spots.

  • Loop is so light and delicate – it appears to float bewilderingly in the room. Its light has a particularly airy effect, lending it a very special aura. In a working world that is geared to performance, it is an unusual touch that will transform purely functional rooms into highly inspiring work environments. Loop combines minimalist design with maximum efficiency like no luminaire before, making it the only ring luminaire to fully cater for the high requirements of office lighting. Loop can be used for multiple applications – in foyers, offices, meeting rooms, corridors, shops or other areas. As a pendant, surface, semi recessed mounted or freestanding luminaire available with two optics systems; Loop boasts outstanding workmanship and guarantees the ideal light every time.
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