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BMW Car Showroom Ehrl
Berlin, Germany

  • client BMW Car Showroom Ehrl, Berlin
  • electrical installation Elektroanlagen Nawroth, Sandersdorf-Brehna
  • photographer Claus Boeckh

Kju Square luminaires arranged in a cluster of four constitute a visual eye-catcher in the building of this car showroom. With their fresh, white light, the pendant luminaires create a pleasant atmosphere for customers and staff.

The flat Kju Square is distinguished by its minimal construction height of just 33 mm and its luminous volume when viewed from the side. The light of the Kju is homogeneous and powerful at the same time; the specially developed layer of lenses ensuring uniform planar distribution of the punctiform LED light across the entire luminaire and beyond. The integrated DALI technology enables needs-based light control.

  • Quadratic. Purist. Versatile – The Kju family combines crisp light with a subtle presence and graphical precision. Its minimal construction height of just 33 mm and lateral luminous volume make for the extraordinary application. Numerous mounting versions and two optical systems enable its light modules to cater for a broad range of requirements, providing an integrated lighting concept for all types of project.
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