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Aéroville Paris
Roissy en France, France

  • client Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle Airport
  • buyer Unibail-Rodamco SE, Paris
  • architect Philippe Chiambaretta, Paris
  • lighting designer Caribou Concept, Paris
  • photographer Edouard Sacre

Aéroville is a unique shopping and entertainment centre located close to the French capital. Built in the middle of the freight zone on the edge of Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle airport, the building plays with the natural topography of the surrounding area and forms a long anticipated link between the international airport, nearby exhibition grounds and Paris city centre.

The idea behind the shopping centre is a fusion of city and airport in these times of frequent global travel. The design of the building shell is reminiscent of an airport with extensive glass façades, terminals, long walkways and viewing platforms while the interior architecture calls to mind a shopping street in a big city: luxury boutiques and flagship stores, cafés and terraces, a cinema and numerous entertainment facilities have deliberately been placed on one single level covering an area of 83,000 m².

A boulevard approx. 1.5 kilometres long and 8 to 11 metres wide takes the some 7.3 million visitors per year on a trip through five theme-based adventure areas - Bali Market, Africa Lodge, Nordic Chic, Tokyo Mix, Terminal Cook - replicating the experience of global travel and transporting Aéroville guests to far-off lands.

The transparent façades and glass ceilings enable vivid daylight to flow into the building, enhancing the illusion of a natural urban environment. When darkness falls, the complex lighting task is performed by M100 luminaires. Almost 1,300 LED luminaires flood the 8 metre high rooms with uniform light, creating a relaxed and elegant shopping atmosphere which interacts with premium quality interior fittings made from natural wood, marble and leather.

Rimless recessed luminaires with opal diffusers distribute symmetrical light and can be controlled via light sensors dependent on daylight while My White lighting technology also enables needs-based lighting control in colour temperatures between 2,700K and 6,500K. The outstanding quality of the M-series luminaires and their simple installation have ensured that implementation of the Aéroville lighting concept is both premium quality and highly economical.

  • The M is a highly flexible family of luminaires combining a virtually universal range of applications with minimalist design. Thanks to the manifold assembly variants, profile widths and optics systems, this system of light channels can provide a custom lighting solution for even the most specialist requirements precisely to the millimetre, whether as single luminaires or a complex lighting structure.
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