Life in smart cities: Charge + Light by Selux

Charging stations rather than petrol stations — in urban environments, local public-access charging stations for electric vehicles are increasingly in demand. To help create a charging infrastructure over a sufficiently wide area, Selux luminaire poles have been converted from pure lighting structures into all-round smart systems where charging and lighting, charging point and luminaire pole are fused into one.

  • Pole charging station professional

Pole charging station professional

Pole charging station professional

Charging station type Professional Construction vandal resistant ∙ housing made of aluminium ∙ polyurethane Power 3,7kW ∙ 11kW ∙ 22kW Equipment Smart Meter (eHZ EDL 21/40) with ground plate and optical interface ∙ charging socket type 2 with shutter ∙ RFID card reader ∙ QR-Code ∙ reservation function ∙ FI/LS-breaker ∙ functional LED ring (charging status display) Options overvoltage protection

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