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Heathrow Airport Terminal 2
Heathrow, Great Britain

  • project Heathrow Airport Terminal 2
  • buyer Heathrow Airport Limited
  • architect Luis Vidal + Architects, London
  • lighting designer Studio Fractal, Gatwick
  • photographer James Newton

The Queen’s Terminal (Terminal 2) at Heathrow international airport in London is an ambitious architectural sustainability project covering a surface area of approx. 200,000m². The project was awarded the Lighting Design Award 2015 by The Institution of Lighting Professionals and The Society of Light and Lighting in the category “Public building of the Year” and will handle up to 20 million airline passengers per year.

In cooperation with the lighting planners at the Fractal Lighting Design studio, Selux developed functional and safe lighting for the highly-frequented areas of the Queen’s Terminal. Vandal-proof M125x90 and M200x70 luminaires ensure optimal lighting in various entrance and passage areas at night time.

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