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Hamburg, the city of old warehouses
Hamburg, Germany

  • project Hamburg, the city of old warehouses
  • photographer Elbe & Flut Bildagentur

Hamburg's “Speicherstadt” (Old Warehouses District) was placed under a conservation order in 1991 and Unesco is currently considering whether it should be classified as a world heritage site. The night-time illuminations in the Speicherstadt are an important factor in its popularity with tourists and locals, a project that has been run by the Speicherstadt Light Art Association since 2004. In accordance with the artistic concept by the Light Artist and Dramatist Michael Batz, another part of the district is now to be provided with atmospheric lighting.

For this Selux has provided Lumera 200 LED floodlights enabling precision light guidance for Block U am Holländischen Brook and a partial section of the Wandrahmfleet. Particular emphasis was placed on conservation of energy for lighting purposes so the floodlights have a long service life and high efficiency rating.

  • Its highly distinctive, organic design enables the Lumera to be flexibility incorporated into all types of spatial architecture. The luminaires in this product family are available in three sizes – Lumera 200 – 250 – 300. Using high output reflectors and designed for the latest generation of HIT, CPO lamps or LED, the floodlights are particularly recommended for the illumination of façades, monuments, squares, billboards, tourist attractions, museums or green spaces.
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