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George Square
Glasgow, Scottland

  • project George Square
  • client City of Glasgow

Urban areas need both a structure and a sense of place. With a sophisticated design concept Urbi multi-purpose system have provided urban designers with new tools for creating of the public space in the centre of Glasgow. By combining elements of street furniture, traffic management and lighting on single poles, unsightly clutter is dramatically reduced. As called city of light, Glasgow´s lighting strategy advocates a co-ordinated approach to lighting the city and encourages innovative lighting design.

  • Urbi fixtures and poles provide urban architects and city planners an all-encompassing, smartly engineered system solution for street and pedestrian lighting as well as for traffic signals and signage. The well-thought out designs of the pole and arm configurations are graceful as well as multi-purpose with integral connecting nodes for equipment mounting and flexible streetscape enhancements. Three different designs are available and their optimised light technology makes for maximum visual comfort, enabling ultra-efficient lighting schemes that conform to international standards for a wide range of environments.
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