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Krasnodar Stadium
Kransodar, Russia

  • project Krasnodar Stadium
  • client FC Krasnodar
  • architect Gerkan, Marg and Partner, Hubert Nienhoff, Igor Markov, Sergej Galitsky, JSC SPeeCH
  • lighting designer Conceptlicht, Esta Construction Co. LTD, Philips
  • design Maxim Rymar
  • photographer Marcus Bredt

The new football stadium is a brand new attraction for the Russian metropolis of Krasnodar both visually and socially. Shrouded in the atmospheric light of Selux luminaires, this amphitheatre-like construction radiates an unmistakable energy outwards – thereby rendering a remarkable concept by gmp Architects and Conceptlicht a reality.

The new home of FC Krasnodar was opened in October 2016. Arising from nothing, this high-tech building was constructed in the space of just three years and now provides space for 34,000 fans.

The architectural concept by Gerkan, Marg and Partner Architects is characterised by its classic construction, premium quality materials and state-of-the-art technology while, with its three-part façade, the reference the building makes to ancient amphitheatres, the prototype for all modern stadia, is unmistakable. The façade is made from light Roman travertine and is illuminated gently and aesthetically. The planning by Conceptlicht recommended the look and feel of an ancient amphitheatre be reinforced by lighting, to enable the emotional nature of sporting events to be enhanced by a distinct light mood.

To achieve the required lighting ambience, Selux custom-produced around 1,100 interior and exterior luminaires specially for the project. Since the lighting concept required highly precise Grenz ray angles for luminaires in different building areas, Selux developed 25 different types of special luminaires. The dimmable LED crown lights have been customised so their light is restricted even before it exits the luminaire, enabling the underside of the façade soffits to be accentuated optimally with light while not illuminating the upper crossbeams. On the façade, in the entrance area and on the podium, direct beaming cornice lights have been deployed for a high level of visual plasticity.

An attractive, highly powerful luminous LED light ceiling over the entrance creates a welcoming feel over a length of approx. 22 metres, with the opal glass diffuser at the side ensuring backlighting of the vertical ceiling elements. First and foremost, the functional lighting is designed to guarantee a safe and pleasant stay in the football arena. In the corridor areas, terrace entrances and walkways, flush-mounted luminaires with various emission angles and direct-beaming luminaires have been installed in ceiling cassettes for efficient lighting, while effective, recessed wall luminaires with a light controller have been installed in the staircase transitions.

To visually enhance the staircases and transitional areas, the lighting planners opted for LED light cubes in various sizes: large luminous cases of up to 2.80 x 2.00 metres scatter light via an opal diffuser, with each one supporting a direct-beaming downlight in the centre. Selux also provided various light steles and pole-top luminaires for the lighting of the podium and the surrounding areas. Besides the outstanding light quality, a further feature of these four-metre high light steles with integrated special optics is how they are equipped with multi-functional accessories such as loudspeakers, cameras and an emergency unit. Over the forecourt, Avanza luminaires cast uniform light, blending in harmoniously with the architecture of this sports arena due to their distinctive design language.

The stadium construction in Krasnodar is far from just a spacious and highly ambitious building project however – the primary aim of the client was sustainability in the long term. Here, efficient LED lighting technology crafted by Selux makes both a decisive contribution to the commercial use of the stadium while at the same time visually enhancing the building’s architectural aesthetic.

  • The Avanza range of LED luminaires combines trend setting LED light technology with a clear and functional design language. The ambitious objective of the development was to create state-of-the-art lighting tools for the outer environment. This ended up with the birth of a product range of two sizes for the solution of challenging lighting tasks in the cityscape – Avanza 450 and Avanza 600. They offer distinctive lighting technologies tuned to be used for different lighting classes. Selux CBT – Cross Beam Technology illuminates homogeneously and uniformly different traffic zones and squares using efficient LED light control. The utilisation of premium optoelectronic components, longlasting materials and its modular system design, are forming the base of the future oriented Avanza conception. Advanced design with integral heat management make the use of the Avanza range even in regions with higher environmental temperatures.
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