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Großräschen urban port
Großräschen, Germany

  • buyer City of Großräschen / SSG Stadthafen Seestraße Großräschen
  • lighting designer Sehlhoff GmbH, Ingenieure + Architekten, Markkleeberg
  • electrical installation Geiger-Berlin & Partner Elektroanlagen und Geräte GmbH
  • photographer Claus Boeckh
  • Representation Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Hoffmann

Until 1999 coal was mined here but now Großräschen is being transformed into a port town and the gateway to the Lusatian Lake District. The idea of flooding the open pit and building an urban port arose back in the days when the Meuro open-cast mine was still active.

The lake has been filling up slowly since 2007 and in the meantime a port area that is accessible via staircases, with moorings for boats, a captain’s office and a jetty for passenger ships have arisen. The future marina will be surrounded by a harbour promenade and a landscaped tribune akin to an amphitheatre with winding staircases. Against this theatresque background, the staircases are illuminated by luminaires from the Olivio Floracion design line, with five Olivio Grande LED luminaire heads winding elegantly up nine-metre high poles in a spiral. The result is functional but at the same time atmospheric illumination of the tribune.

The floral design language of the luminaires blends in harmoniously with the adjacent vineyard slopes that have been built into the lakeside and form the only steep precipice in Brandenburg. The luminaire heads are equipped with a DALI interface, which can be controlled centrally using EUTRAC components and enables the landscaped tribune and selected objects in the port area to be illuminated in a punctiform fashion both flexibly and uniformly. Following a flooding phase of more than 10 years, filling of Lake Großräschen is set to be completed by early 2018 at the latest, creating an important tourist attraction for the Lusatian Lake District region.

  • The distinctive Olivio family is a modern, striking, multifunctional urban lighting system, available in three different sizes with interchangeable reflectors for street and accent lighting applications. This flexible lighting system can be equipped with optical accessories such as honeycomb and ring louvres, coloured and elongation lenses offering further effects and control. Olivio Sistema, Candelabra and Floracion poles and brackets provide total freedom of design and flexible planning.
  • Exelia is the classic solution when it comes to installing lighting equipment in close proximity to buildings. The luminaire fulfils a wide range of tasks for streetscape design, ambience creation and orientation in urban centres. The light column can serve both as a city streetlight and as a waymarker. A particular feature of the Exelia is its high grade of impact resistance with long-lasting mechanical characteristics.
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